Popular belief is that you need to make big money first and then
that allows you to buy the great lifestyle. And, of course, lots of
money buys lots of things.

But, it’s equally true that by consciously designing your life before
you have all that cash, you can start living large right now. One of
the reasons this is possible is because there are several factors to
creating your ideal lifestyle, beyond money, that you have influence
over right now where you are today.

For more than 30 years I have been consciously creating the
blueprint for my life and helping others do the same. Over that
long period of time the economics of my life have shifted from
time to time, like most people’s have.

The one thing that has been consistent is my lifestyle. There were
times, like 1981 when I lived in Ft. Myers, FL and the real estate
economy tanked. All the real estate sales I had pending collapsed
and so did my income. And yet event though I wasn’t working for
a few months I was going to Long Boat Key in Sarasota, staying
at a luxury resort and drinking Dom Perignon at the Long Boat
Key Club most nights.

And I was 25 years old! I’m not telling you this to brag, I want to
make a point. I’ve always been reluctant to talk too much about
my lifestyle, maybe it’s my mid-western roots, But I think it’s
important to give you examples to show you how anybody can
do this. And you can do it right now, even if the economy is not
your best friend right now.

Can you imagine being 25, single, living in a state with no family
and basically unemployed and instead of being in a total state of
panic, living the high life? And yet I had the confidence to do that
because I was already very clear in my life blueprint. That plan
allowed me to find a way to still live the life of my dreams even
when I wasn’t working and had no idea how long the real estate
market was going to be in the tank.

I was able to do all kinds of things that your average 25 year old
would never even dream was possible for them. And I was living
a better lifestyle than people that had 10 times the income that I
did. So money is definitely not the only factor.

I can tell you from decades of studying the differences between
happy people and unhappy people, successful people and
unsuccessful people and people with tons of money and those
who have less, that money is not the even the main ingredient to
creating the life of your dreams. Clarity and having a plan is the
main ingredient to living the life of your dreams today.

Besides leafing through The Robb Report and dreaming, what
action are you taking to map out exactly what you want your life
to look like when you have millions? Assuming that millions is a
goal of yours.

The point is, what are you doing to create that lifestyle today?

What? Did I hear you saying, “Nothing”?

That’s OK, because I can guarantee you that it’s the same answer
at least 80% of people you would ask would give!

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to wait to hit some magic
number to live the rock star exciting life or the quiet zen life, or
the life where you get to spend days on end focused on your kids.
It’s your life, you decide what the most amazing life of your dreams
looks like to you.

That’s the first step, getting a clear focus on the real life you want
to have, not the day dream picture of a fantasy, that when it comes
down to it, doesn’t really appeal to you at all.

And once you know exactly what your idea of ‘the life of your dreams’
is, you create a step-by-step blueprint for creating it right now. The
most amazing part is that over and over again I find that the minute
you have that clarity and you see your own blueprint in front of you,
the rest comes pretty easy, if you let it.

In fact, most of my clients find that they can start living the life of
their dreams right now, incrementally and that more and more of it
manifests almost effortlessly in some totally surprising ways.

If you need some help getting started living the good life on your
terms, I’m here to help.

Until next week, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Just comment on
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vision for you than you hold for yourself. When you have faith
and a team that believes in you, it gives you courage. When you
don’t have to do it all yourself, all things are possible for you.
Commit today to go for your dream 100%.

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Lynn Pierce, the Success Architect, has taught people how to
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