Integration seems to be the new buzz-word. Lately I've been hearing many of my customers and clients talk about wanting their business to blend with their life and their life to blend with their business… and for both to be guided by a deep feeling of fulfillment and spiritual connection. Some people will say it's impossible to have an integrated life. I, like you, may believe it's not only possible, but also how our lives are meant to be.

As a multi-business owner and founder of the Network for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs, it's been a journey for me to learn about integrating my life, and not compartmentalizing. That's a funny-looking word, isn't it? But, it's one of the most important concepts I've learned on my entrepreneurial journey. I used to think "business was business" and my "personal life was personal."

It's just not true.

I wish someone had told ME early on that being a business owner is a rigorous crash-course in personal development. It took me years to discover it's impossible to separate my business and my life because my business is INTEGRATED with my life.

You see, your business will only grow to the degree that YOU grow as a person. You can't compartmentalize your business and think it doesn't affect your life and vice versa. As they say, it's about the "whole enchilada" and being willing to STRETCH your mind and EXPAND your heart. For me this was a challenge; I didn't like being out of my comfort zone. Couldn't I be a successful business owner and still play it safe? Nope.

Playing it safe isn't an option.

If you truly want to succeed, you're going to have to take risks. Some of them will be financial; others will be emotional. You'll be pushed to your limits and will crash sometimes. I know I've had days I've been so emotionally spent I couldn't get out of bed. I remember laying on the floor for a few hours in tears because I just couldn't move. I felt paralyzed by the ways in which my heart, mind and soul were being challenged to GROW. But, I got through it… by reaching out to my support system.

Being an entrepreneur isn't easy and it's not for the faint of heart. It's the "road less traveled" for a reason. Not everyone can handle the ups and downs, the twists and turns, the intertwining of business and life.

Business ownership/entrepreneurship is, however, a VERY rewarding, fulfilling, purposeful, invigorating, exciting, fun, joyous and awe-inspiring GROWTH opportunity of a lifetime.

You only have ONE life, not little pieces of many lives. So, allow your business, financial, personal AND spiritual lives to be integrated gracefully into your ONE, powerful, purposeful, passionate and profound… life.

Let your business lead you.

Let it guide you to those places in your heart you have yet to discover. Let it call your soul to be fully expressed and engaged in the world.

Let it be the way for you to contribute your unique gifts to the world. Let it be your tool for making the planet a better place.

Let it be your vehicle for leaving a legacy long after you are gone.

Let it be YOU… mind and body, heart and soul.

-Christine Kloser

About The Author: Christine Kloser is the Founder of NEW Entrepreneurs, Inc., President of Love Your Life Publishing and Author of the Inspiration to Realization book series. Named the Wealthy Woman's Business Ambassador for her dedication to empowering women entrepreneurs, Christine has been nationally recognized as a business and empowerment expert. A former television host, Christine has also appeared on numerous radio and television programs and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, and Woman's Day. Join Christine and 12 of the World's Top Business and Success Expert August 21-24 for the Conscious Entrepreneurs Tele-Summit