Do wake up each day and ask yourself, “Is there a better way to live my life that doesn’t involve so much stress”? Do you look around your home and see chaos and mess in every room you look? Are your children leaving a mess wherever they roam and you are wondering just how to get on top of the avalanche of daily chores?

If these things trouble your mind and make each day more difficult than it should be, may be an indicator that you need the assistance of a household management professional.

If the thought of having to pay for the services of a home organiser is a little overwhelming, then you are going to find the following tips a God-send.

To start with, you need a household management plan, or for a less stodgy sounding approach, a simple plan.

Firstly write down what you are unhappy with to see what needs to be worked on. For example, you might find the following challenges in your home, especially if you have small or adolescent children:

  1. Overloaded washing in the laundry

  2. Dirty plates and glasses in the kitchen or dishwasher

  3. Clothes scattered around rooms and not in cupboards or drawers

  4. Pets toys, food and eating implements scattered about the yard

  5. Overloaded or junk filled cupboards, shed, storage rooms or garage

You would be surprised just how good it feels to write down your problems to get a sense of relief that the chaotic madness
can be fixed, even before you lift a finger to get things organised.

Once your list is in place, begin to write down ways of keeping your room tidy once it were in that state. To start with a good organised space and then ask yourself what was it that led to the prior chaotic state, you often find your room in.

You will find that it is just as simple as letting your guard down on the first item to hit the floor, be stacked on the sink, dropped beside the lounge, left not put away. All these first little breaches seem so harmless in the beginning but lead on to the next violation of a tidy room. Then before long with one thing stacked on another becomes a mountainous task to make right.

It is a bit like saving money, done a little bit at a time, adds up to a lot over a long period of time. It doesn’t look like much when you are putting money in a bank account, say $10 a week but after one year you have $520 plus interest, and then after 10 years you have $5200 plus interest.

Same thing goes for organising your home. One little, “I can put that away now” adds up to a well-organized home. As they say you can’t do the second one if you haven’t done the first. And then the third, fourth, fifth ad infinitum is impossible.

Just one little step at a time, put the children’s toys away after they finish and naturally teach them to put things away themselves so when the teenage years come, they will be trained well.

Have a no plates on the sink policy (straight to the dishwasher), see a mess on the kitchen bench, grab a cleaning cloth and wipe it straight away and apply this “quick to attend the disaster” approach will serve you well.

Then when you wake up tomorrow after you have applied these simple tips you can see life through a whole new perspective and enjoy the benefits a well organised home.

About the Author:

Greg Gilespie is a husband and father of 4 children and a part time blogger. You find out more about Greg by searching for him online.

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