If you are reading this article then are wondering how to grow taller fast. Is this even possible? Yes and no. It is possible to grow taller but it will take some time and effort. Don’t let that discourage you because you can grow and extra couple of inches if you work your butt off. Now that we have that out of the way, I will give some tips on how to grow taller.

There are a couple of thing that you need to do in order to grow taller. These are very simple to do and will only take a little extra time each day. The first thing I am going to discuss is exercising. There are very targeted exercises that you can do to help you grow taller if their done correct.

Hanging – This is pretty self explanatory. Find a bar that is tall enough that will allow you to fully extend. Gravity is going to be pulling you down and will allow the weight of your lower torso to stretch to your spine which will reduce the tension between your vertebrae.

Do this for 20 to 30 seconds and a minimum of 3 sets for the best results.

Alternate leg kick – Also known as Dry Land Swim, this exercise will focus on your lower back and you will also feel some tension in your abs as well.

Start by laying on the floor on your stomach. Extend your arms straight out in front of you with your palms facing downward. Raise your right arm in unison with your left leg and try to raise it as high as you can. Hold this for about 5 seconds then switch to the opposite arm and leg and repeat. Do this for 1 minute. Try to get 3 reps in.

Pelvic shift – Start by laying on your back with your palms face down by your hips. Bend your knees to get them as close to your butt as you can. Thrust upwards and try and hold that position for 20 seconds. This may seem hard at first but try and work your up to 30 seconds. Do this for 3 reps as well.

These are just a couple simple exercises that will help you grow taller if you do them consistently. Try doing these exercises everyday if you can fit them into your schedule.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty more exercises and diet tips that will teach you how to grow taller. If you found this article helpful then visit my site to get more free information on how to grow taller fast.

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