There are innumerable people out there who want to change their lives for the better in a material or spiritual fashion, but the primary prerequisite they seem to lack is a mindset of abundance. They can ‘t seem to lose the idea that there is a finite supply of whatever they are seeking in the world and that try as they might, it always seems to be just beyond their grasp. For them, unfortunately, especially with a mind focused on what they can’t have, this will likely always be true. Let’s take a look at why this doesn’t have to be so!

Out With The Old, and In With The New

The problem seems to lie for most people in their conditioned thoughts. Many of us grew up in situations of lack, or thriftiness, and were lead to believe that “money doesn’t grow on trees” and that all you got in this life was what you sweated and toiled for. Our fathers lived this out, and we were destined to also, or so it appeared. People who thought otherwise were deemed “dreamers” and irresponsible and unfit for polite company.

How many times have you had friends or family that had a passion to follow their dreams but were squashed from even considering their possibilities by family that refused to let their minds wander further than the next regular paycheck? How many Hemingways, Picassos, and Brandos have we missed out on as a result of this?

There needs to be a shift in our thinking if we hope to bear fruit beyond what a paycheck might bring us. We need to understand that the impossible is indeed quite possible, and that

you can have both relative security as well as a life filled with purpose and passion.

Think About It

This idea that there is a finite amount of resources in this world misses the point. The point is, are you setting yourself up as the person to receive what you are seeking? As a practical matter, millionaires are made every day, and people ascend to heights most never thought they could all the time. So what is the difference? It’s a mindset of abundance.

Knowing that there is a wealth opportunity available to them keeps their mind open to possibilities and more likely to be the receiver of terrific blessings that the average person with a scarcity mindset can’t even comprehend.

Make The Leap To A Mindset of Abundance

Sometimes making the leap to abundance is a simple process but will take some work to consistently bring it to fruition in your life. It is said that to create a new habit you need to make the desired actions more than 21 times. Not sure how true that is for everyone, but one thing is sure: if you don’t make that leap of faith and start viewing life’s possibilities instead of its limitations, you’ll never know!

Change your thinking, and see what the world has to offer you. You may be surprised at what suddenly arrives at your door!

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