Your attitude sets the stage for you being in the 3% that control the wealth of the world rather than the other 97%. The biggest difference is that the 3% are willing to do what the other 97% aren’t to have what that majority will never have.

Note: You will never be successful doing something that doesn’t make you happy. Being happy begins and ends with your attitude.

Visualize Your Successful Outcome

The first key to developing a YES attitude is to have a positive image of your successful outcome. I can hear the excuses already. I don’t have time to meditate. There is no quiet time in my house. I have kids to take care of in the morning. I barely have time to get ready for work. The good news is you already have your visualization time in your schedule. Can you guess when? While you’re in the shower! Hopefully you can shower without too much conscious thought. That leaves your mind free to visualize your day exactly the way you want it.

Action step:

Close your eyes for a few minutes and picture what a perfect client experience would be for you-from beginning to end, from the greeting to the client enthusiastically saying YES. Create your perfect client experience like you are the star of your own movie. You create every scene exactly as you want it to play out.

Here’s the type of picture you want to create. You have an attitude of being totally confident and upbeat as you walk into the building where your appointment takes place. You walk in and are greeted by a client who is happy to see you. Visualize every detail-what the office looks like, what your client is wearing, what the conversation will be, all the way through to walking out with a happy new customer. The more detailed you make your movie, the more real it will be and the easier it will be for your sub-conscious mind to make it a reality.

It isn’t necessary for you to even know who your client is going to be that day or anything about them. You are creating your own vision of your perfect outcome. You’ll be amazed how many times you will find the details of your day matching your visualization.

Once, when I was in the real estate business and knew there was a strong possibility I wouldn’t be seeing any clients that day, I visualized my phone ringing with the front desk asking me to talk to a couple who just walked in. I visualized what they looked like, their age, the way they were dressed, their personalities, everything about what they were looking for and how I had the exact property for them. It would be a quick and easy transaction. I pictured doing the paperwork and congratulating them as they walked out the door as happy clients. This took less than 5 minutes to visualize.

And what do you think happened? About half way through my day the phone rang. I had to smile when I walked out and saw the people standing there; they looked so much like I had visualized them. There was no doubt in my mind what the outcome was going to be. They left my office happy they had met me and I was able to provide exactly what they wanted. What a coincidence! Not to me, I knew what would happen. You don’t need to know exactly how it works, just know it does.

The next step is to take action now and make it a part of your preparation every day. If you already have the basics covered, meaning you are a professional, you know your product, and you have good communication, listening and sales skills, this visualization technique may be the one thing that catapults you to the top.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a business where you never know who you’re going to be seeing each day. Visualize what you want your perfect client to look like. Why would you visualize anything less than your best outcome? Yet many in your profession do exactly that. That’s why this is all about attitude. Notice the difference in the general attitude of what the top producers expect their day to look like compared to the people you know who are struggling.

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? 80% of the business is done by the top 20% of the people. Attitude is one of the biggest reasons why. In the 1980’s when interest rates were at 18%, the top 20% of Realtors and mortgage leanders were still making money. Why? They had an attitude that no matter what the situation, there were people who would need their services.

The top 20% of your profession are preparing for their day with a positive vision of what each day holds for them. The rest are setting themselves up for a difficult day of dealing with uncooperative prospects who ask them questions they can’t answer and don’t appreciate their service, they probably can’t afford your product and may not even be the person who is empowered to make the decision. Guess how their day turns out?

Whether you realize it or not, you always have a picture in your head of what you expect each day. Once you are consciously aware of it, you can change it. Which visualization creates a situation where you can make some money today? Who in their right mind would choose to create such a negative outcome?

Yet everyday people go to work just knowing that the negative day is what they will experience. They know this because they have been unconsciously programming themselves to achieve that goal just as I am asking you to begin the practice of actively visualizing exactly the opposite outcome for your day.

Decide now that you are moving from the 80% to the top 20% and then to the top1%. It’s all up to you. Everything it takes to get there is already inside of you.

Excerpted from the audio program Getting to YES Without Selling, The YES system by Lynn Pierce, The Sales Therapist

© 2003 Lynn Pierce

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