Building a life and building a business are a lot like building a house.

Even though I’m a Success Architect, I’m not a licensed architect. But I have
drawn plans for houses and worked with many builders and architects while
my career was in real estate. So follow me with this analogy.

I come from the process of seeing a piece of property as a blank slate and
visioning what would be the best design to build on that property to take
advantage of the topography, the views, the location in general and most
importantly the lifestyle and needs of the people who will live in the house
to make sure what is built is to the highest and best use of that property.

But how many people do you know that take that kind of care to create their
life or their business?

Do you?

Re-read that from the standpoint of the house being your life. Do you give
the life you are creating that much conscious thought?

When looking at how you are creating the blueprint for your life do you look
at your life as a blank slate from this day forward?

Do you envision what is the highest and best use of your time taking into
account what is really important to you in every area of your life? Taking into
account what your biggest strengths and challenges are?

Do you create the blueprint for your life in a way that focuses on your desired
lifestyle and who you really are?

Because those are three of the pieces that will lead you to create a blueprint
for your life that allows you to live the life of your dreams right now.

Think about how you would be focused on every detail of building or remodeling
your home-from major decisions of room placement and sizes all the way down
to door handles light switches.

In that situation you have one decision after another to make and they all have to
be made to have you end up living in the home of your dreams.

And yet you may not even realize you make decisions all day long that have the
same impact on the designing of the life you live in. It’s easier to overlook this
because so many of the decisions you make are made subconsciously by default.

Believe me when I tell you that all those subconscious decisions you thought
you didn’t make were in fact made and you are living the result of those decision.

There is no such thing as deciding not to make a decision.

It’s the same thing in your business.

Looking at the landscape of your current business, how does it show up in the
life you are building for yourself?

Are you creating a blueprint for your business that supports the realization of
the lifestyle you choose to have?

Is your business structured in a way that showcases you in the best way possible?

Have you created a blueprint for your business that uses your raw talents to their
highest and best use?

Unfortunately the majority of people put much more thought and planning into
working with their architect on a new home or doing a remodel or even buying a
new sofa than they do to designing their life.

In fact I would venture to say that many women expend much more thought and
effort in creating their wardrobe than they do in creating their life.

Be conscious of the choices you make all day long that create the blueprint for your
life with the same level of awareness you give to the other things you are creating.

If you would like personal mentoring, as your mentor I hold a bigger vision for you than you hold for yourself. When you have faith and a team that believes in you, it gives you courage. When you don’t have to do it all yourself, all things are possible for you. Commit today to go for your dream 100%.

About the Author:

Lynn Pierce, the Success Architect, has taught people how to combine business and
personal development to reach the pinnacle of success and live the life of their dreams
for over 30 years. In addition, she is also the founder of one of the most exciting annual
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