So how much money do YouTubers make for their videos? I'll show you how much YouTube paid me and several other YouTubers for a video with over 1,000,000 views. (hint: it's all over the place, and the TOP earning video I found is ridiculous). There IS a pattern between those who earn a lot, and the videos that earn a little. See if you can spot the pattern.

Also, I'll be sharing how this money compares to other revenues streams that I have outside of the YouTube space. (9:28)

Welcome to ACCOUNT(ABILITY) with Pat Flynn 🙂

Other YouTubers' 1,000,000 View Video Earnings Reports:

Shelby Church (2:25):
Roberto Blake (3:03):
Sunny (3:23):
TechLead (4:05):
Reyes the Entrepreneur (4:51):
Graham Stephan (5:38):
Coco Lili (6:16):
Monique Reid (6:39):
Cole Dockter (7:02):
Kevin Davis (8:32):

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