Raising healthy and happy children is not always the sole responsibility of the parents. Many grandparents also play an active role in raising the child, and they can help to build the self-esteem of a child from a very young age. When they do this, they not only help them to be able to get through their difficult younger years, they assist them in growing to be healthy and productive adults as well. Here are some ways for you to instill confidence in your grandchildren.

Grandparents are in a position that, in many cases, lends itself much more to this ability than the parents. The reason why that is the case, is because many young grandchildren see their grandparents as being knowledgeable and they generally provide a comfortable place for them. The parents, although well-meaning in many cases, may be busier with the day-to-day activities that are necessary for raising a family. They are seen more in an authoritative way by the children, which is not necessarily a bad thing. By promoting the help of the grandparents and working together with them, the combination can really be one that is beneficial to everyone involved.

One of the things that grandparents can do is to make sure that they always provide a comfortable environment for the children. This is not only true of the physical environment that is being provided, it is also true of the mental environment that is available. Grandparents are in a unique position in this way, and they generally have additional time that is available to provide this for the growing child. When the child comes to understand that they have this safe place available to them, they will often gravitate towards it in order to feel comfortable with themselves.

If there is one thing that every child needs, it is sincere praise. This is also something that can be given to the child from the grandparents. It is important to make sure that you are balanced in this regard, as children are often able to see through any phony praise that may be given to them. Be supportive, and be there for them whenever something important is happening in their life and they will respect you for it.

Finally, make sure that you get to know your grandchildren as individuals and make sure that they know you in much the same way. Grandparents are often in a unique position where they are able to talk about past experiences and most grandchildren readily will listen. You can guide them through various trials that they may be going through by giving them your experiences and how you handled them when you were younger. This not only will assist them in getting through it, it will help to build an even stronger bond between the two of you.

Although times have changed since we were younger, human nature has really remained the same in many regards. Allow your grandchildren to grow on your experiences and always provide them with the comfortable place that they need. In doing so, you will see them grow to be happy adults.

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