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This week I feature a question submitted by a GoalGuru reader.
This week’s question:

Q: What is the difference between the Law of Attraction and Goal Setting?

A: There is not so much a difference as the two principles work hand in hand.

In fact, Goal Setting is the first step in activating the Law of Attraction. In order to empower the Law of Attraction, you must take the first action, which is to decide with positive intention, exactly what you want in clear, concise detail. This step, this action, within the Law of AttrACTION is the ignitor that activates the process

.When I ask people what they want, most respond with a list of all the things they DON’T want. Most people invest more energy and thought on what they DON’T want than what they DO want. And that is what they attract. More of what they DON’T want. Most people focus their thoughts and energies on their fears rather then focusing on gratitude for what and whom has already blessed them, and their heart’s deepest desires.

So what’s wrong with that?

The Law of Attraction mandates a universal law:

You become what you think about. The more you dwell upon what you don’t want, the more you are empowering the negative emotions.

Let me clarify how focusing on what you DON’T want works against you within the Law of Attraction.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

Let me say that again.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

When you are focusing all of your thoughts and attention on the things you fear, that is what you will manifest, create, and attract more of. You have a choice. You can focus on the problem or you can focus on the solutions. When you focus all of your thoughts and attention on your problems or blame others, that is what you will manifest and attract more of. You are actually actively creating more of what you DON’T want

.You cannot manifest joy and create your highest destiny when your thoughts and actions are consumed with fear, anxiety, problems, complaints, blame, worries and all of the other negatives that present themselves to you during a given day.

You always have a choice how and where to direct your thoughts and energy.

If your dominant emotions are fear, anger, resentment, worry and blame, that is what you will attract more of. When you are experiencing those negative emotions, you stop giving. You no longer breathe life into your dreams. When in those states, you are not making positive, joyful contributions to your dreams. Those negative thoughts and emotions actually repel what you desire. Negative emotions suck the life out of your Goals.

To combat those negatives, and instantly transform pain into pleasure, the solution is to choose the positive.

Focus on the solutions. Focus on what you can joyfully do to create positive changes.

The surest way out of any rut is to accept complete responsibility for your circumstances and joyfully identify the positive changes you can make within yourself. Then take action. When you can joyfully, freely choose to make positive contributions, everything around you will change.

If you want to experience more abundance, express more gratitude. Give abundantly.

If you want to experience more love, give more love.

If you want more intimacy, give it, create it, nurture it.

Get grateful for all that you have.

Focus on how blessed you are.

Remember that you have responsibilities within the Law of Attraction.

There are actions you must consistently take.

If focus goes where energy flows, then focus more on your Goals than you do on your problems. Focus more on your Goals than you do on your fears.

Focus on what you DO want.

Focus on what and whom you are grateful for.

Focus on your most cherished, beautiful, treasured deepest desires.

Focus on the positive.

You become what you think about.

Focus on the Goal.

What beautiful, worthy Goal do you want to ignite by expressing more gratitude? What vision or dream do you have that you can inject with positive, loving thoughts and actions?

Give it your all and watch it manifest.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Live Your Dreams

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