Many people dream of being able to live a healthy quality of life, to have enough energy on a daily basis so they can spend time with their children, and enjoy the best years of them growing up. Unfortunately, there are some emotions many people give in to, which might eventually affect their health and deprive them from enjoying their lives fully. Illnesses, caused by emotional pressure, can ultimately affect their workplace performance and eventually be the cause which makes them lose their jobs.

Can you see what kind of a chain reaction the wrong emotions can create?

The only way in which you will be able to completely take control over your health, is to take the necessary time to learn how to control your emotions and/or heal from them entirely. This is not easy and you will most probably need the help of someone who managed to get it right themselves, or even ask a professional for assistance. Many people do not even know that they are ill, due to some sort of emotional stress.

When you experience some of the following symptoms, you should consider emotional healing:

  • You might start experiencing ongoing headaches.

  • You may experience sudden weight gain or loss depending on your emotional state.

  • Your immune system will be low, so you may get flu and stomach bugs more easily.

  • Irritation and constant tiredness, although insomnia can also be a symptom.

  • You might start losing your appetite because you find yourself in a stressed condition.

On the other hand, you may start eating a lot because you might feel sad.

All in all, a sure thing is that you have to lose your fears. Try asking yourself the proper inner questions which will help you heal in time. Let go of your negative emotions and just be who you are for real, the uniquely talented and inspiring being you are!

About the Author:

Dr. John (“Dealey”) Carpenter Dealey is an International MasterMind expert, business mentor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, speaker and self-made millionaire. He is dedicated to helping people solve problems, reach goals and soar to new heights of success using the marvelous powers of mastermind and laughter. To learn how mastermind can help you create a life you love, go to: or:

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