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Success means different things to different people. Part of it is conditioning – if our parents thought one way, we did. How often do we sit back, go inside and think, what is success to me? What do I strive for? How do I know when I’ve achieved it?

So think about, how do you define success? What does success mean to you?

Traditionally, success may mean achievement of an objective or goal. It could mean gaining fame or prosperity. Or it might simply mean the opposite of failure.

There is a different way to define success. Success can be defined as knowing yourself – knowing yourself so well that you make a contribution to the world just by being yourself. When I talk of this kind of success I call it quantum success.

Quantum success describes a phenomenon that takes place in people’s lives when their personal interaction with the world transforms from energy into radiance. The word “quantum” was borrowed from Albert Einstein because the energy reaction that occurs in people’s lives when they achieve quantum success is like the radiance he described at the atomic level – it’s a profound transformation … a cosmic “aha.”

What brings people to this moment of radiance? It’s an attitude. It’s about falling in love with yourself, your ability to learn, and your ability to transform the world. You have to work toward it by looking deep inside yourself and living in harmony with that person moment by moment.

 Your Personal Aha!

As you move toward knowing yourself, being more true to who you are, and sharing it with the world, your energy changes. You experience a transformation, a shift in you as a person – a shift in focus and energy. You’re more aware and awake in your life. You’re more “in touch” with your dreams and have the confidence and intention to make them real.
When this shift – or “aha” – happens to you, you become more creative, engaged, participatory and enthusiastic. You experience a more meaningful and joyful life. You experience success on a quantum level: meaningful success, whole-life success.

You’re an Old Hand at Success

Here’s the best news of all: You already have achieved quantum success, and it all began when you were a child, whether you realized it or not.
As a toddler, you taught yourself how to walk. Have you ever stopped to think what a miracle that is? Think about it. No one gave you that success. You might have had help and encouragement, but you did it yourself. You threw yourself into it again and again. You knew what you wanted and you went after it. You were just yourself. You had no concerns about what anyone around you might have thought when you fell; you just got up and tried again. You were driven by your need to explore and your thirst for independence – and you succeeded because you believed in yourself and went for what you wanted.

Build on What You’ve Already Mastered

Quantum success is about feeling confident in your ability to succeed. It’s about realizing that you – just as you are – are capable of changing the world. When you realize the pure potential that resides in you – right now – you can’t help getting caught up in the excitement.
No matter what dream you’re chasing, you’ll get there the same way you took yourself from crawler to walker. The process of achieving success in whatever field is the same, whether you’re taking your first few wobbly steps as a toddler or launching a new company that will change the world. What propelled you toward independence as a tiny child will carry you into the world at large – as far as you could possibly want to go.

Really Know and Believe in the Single Most Important Factor in Your Success

Again, what one element is so vital to success that without it, all your best efforts can’t possibly get you there? You know it by now – you must be yourself.
At the core of quantum success is you. It demands a high level of self-awareness. You start down the path by coming to the heart of who you are, by embracing your right to express yourself, and by discovering the powerful, calm self-confidence that comes from knowing yourself.
The kind of success you’re seeking – the kind that lasts throughout your life – only comes from being who you are and making a significant, positive contribution to the world by being yourself – your best self. It’s you as an engine, you as a rocket. It’s you making a difference in the world by knowing yourself well enough to know the difference you’re here to make. There’s a radiant shift that occurs when you discover that your existence has a genuine, tangible purpose in this world.

About the Author
Adapted from Quantum Success by Bobbi DePorter, president of Quantum Learning Network (QLN) and cofounder of SuperCamp. QLN produces programs for students, educators, parents and business people across the United States and abroad. For more information visit www.QLN.com or email info@QLN.com.