We all want children who believe they can do anything. Right? Youth is the time for dreams, a time to explore what the possibilities are, and they are endless! Kids haven’t been deprogrammed like adults, so it’s a perfect opportunity to watch and learn. Below I offer a four steps on How Confident Kids Can Raise Confident Adults.

I like to think of myself as a confident person. I also like to challenge myself and grow: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Where do I find the motivation? In the following steps I can give you a few examples of how a 5 year old, a 2 year old, and a 1 year old have raised a more confident parent.

Step 1: Never think or say anything you don’t want to come true, instead vocalize what you want to be true.

As simple as this sounds, we often times do just the opposite. With news, the Internet, the media, etc. we find thousands of reasons to focus on what we are not or what we do not have. The middle of my confident kids taught me this while learning to swim. From day one, she knew she could swim! From day one, I would take off her safety vest and she would sink like a rock. She still tells herself she can swim, when I watch her, she sinks more slowly now. As long as she believes she can swim, who am I to tell her differently? She’ll make it happen. No matter how deep you sink, if you tell yourself daily that you can make it to the top. One day you’ll wake up and that’s where you will be!

Step 2: Let fear be a motivator.

Turn the channel on the critic in your head, as soon as you think you can’t, do just the opposite. Until last year I had never been on a snowboard and skis only once. Until last year, my 5 year old had never been on either. So we went to the mountain together. After 45 minutes of solo lessons, she was ready to take the lift to the main slope. I had already talked myself into the bunny hill for the day. You know, I was doing it for her benefit. I helped justify my fear. She said she was nervous, but ready. Well that was motivation enough for me. We hit the slopes, collectively fell about 15 times by the time we reached the bottom. Then got back in line for the lift to the top, no longer fear, just fun! Recognize when you’re letting fear take you out, use that as motivation to conquer it!

Step 3: Move with purpose.

The only time I see people move with purpose anymore is when they are trying to make their connecting flight, darting from one terminal to the next with complete focus. You can even see it in their eyes, complete focus on the task at hand. How often do we move with purpose towards our goals? The youngest of my confident kids just learned to walk. She didn’t do so with her head down, eyes to the ground, shoulders hunched, and slow steps. She took one step, then another, smile on her face, focused on where she was going. Find what your purpose is move toward it with clarity, head up, shoulders back, focus, and with confident steps. People will notice when you move with purpose.


Give yourself credit for your success! This I learned myself by watching how we celebrate as a family. The first day of school, potty training, first words, trying new foods. You name it we celebrate it as a family. Yet, I noticed when I had personal accomplishments, won awards, made my first dollar with my business, my wife started her business, it was Good job! now onto the next goal. Recognize your accomplishments, no matter how small. Did you order coffee drink with clarity, and it tastes great?! Then confetti should be shooting out your ears! You don’t know what small success will contribute to your overall gigantic successes, so get in the habit of celebrating, dance, cheer, and at the very least make the party so great in your head you can imagine confetti bursting out your ears.

Confident kids can raise confident adults if we take the time to notice. Follow these easy steps to improve your confidence and your flight won’t leave without you!

About The Author:

Nick Lubbers is one half of The Minivan Millionaires. He and his wife Melissa are experts at making the transition to entrepreneurship while maintaining family balance. Nick brings over 15 years of top level corporate sales and management success, generating over $40M in revenue in 5 years, to the world of online business. It’s these experiences that Nick brings to other parents in building an online business from the ground up, while creating focused family time in the process. Having 3 daughters all under the age of 6, helps him find balance, health, and wealth. Join him at The Minivan Millionaires http://theminivanmillionaires.com

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