Lying on the floor resting between Yoga postures I felt the breeze of the fan directly above my head. As I stared at the fan, I noticed that periodically I could actually see the blades that were whirling around causing the breeze. Other times they were almost invisible.

“Just like Divine Mind,” I thought. Sometimes I can “see” It and other times I can’t. But, just as I can feel the breeze as the evidence of a fan working even when I can’t see the blades, so I can feel the evidence of Divine Mind working.

Divine Mind is always actively present – just like the fan’s breeze – it’s just that sometimes I forget to notice.

It’s that dang perception thing again. Whether I notice, and experience the benefits of noticing Divine Mind, depends on where I keep my focus and what I am magnifying. When I am looking for how I – or some other human – can fix or change a situation, I inevitably miss the simple solution that is right in front of me. When I focus and magnify in my thoughts the Reality of an omnipresent Divine Mind or Infinite Love, what was invisible to me becomes visible.

Here are two simple examples of how this perception Shift works.

My husband Del and I lived with a shower that drizzled just a tiny bit of water for almost a year. We moaned about it periodically, but accepted it as part of a rental situation. We worked around it, enjoyed showers when we traveled and put up with our tiny shower on the return. However, every day during that period we walked by a new showerhead that I had purchased and brought from our last move. But, we never gave it a thought. Our perception was that what was wrong with the shower was something we could not fix.

One day Del noticed the showerhead and decided to try it anyway. And the shower poured out water.

In this same home one of the outside doors had warped and wouldn’t shut. We didn’t worry much about it because there was another interior door. But, when a wind came up the door would slam back and forth. I came up with creative solutions to keep the door from slamming. I even went so far one stormy night as to hang a toolbox by a bungee cord from the door handle to weight down the door. One day I noticed that we had unhooked the spring that kept the door from swinging when we moved in and never hooked it back.

I hooked the spring on and the problem was solved.

What is the common factor here? Our perception- our state of mind – our point of view: our belief of how things were and what we could do about them.

Both the showerhead and the spring solutions occurred to us on the same day with no effort or thought on our part about the problem. We weren’t trying to fix them specifically. What we were doing was noticing how Divine Mind provided for everything before it was needed. The result of this Shift of Perception was things that were already present became evident, and practical solutions appeared.

The fan of Divine Mind is always working. Sometimes we are gifted by a glimpse of Mind itself, but we can always see, feel and experience evidence of Its presence when we remember to focus our perception on Infinite Love. It is amazing what wonders come to light – that are already present!

May you notice and experience the "fan" of Divine Mind every moment of your life.



Article by Beca Lewis author of Living in Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception. Find her book at Perception Publishing or visit The Shift for more free information on spiritual perception.