Different spices have been in use to add flavors to dishes and cuisines all around the world. However, very few people know
that these spices also offer some medical benefits as well. They have especially been popular in Asia and African countries and
that is why people living there used to be long, strong and healthy. These spices can help in minimizing the symptoms of various diseases and can even help in preventing them.

Some Common Spices that Heal:

Some of the most commonly used spices that have unbelievable healing powers are discussed in the following lines.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is one of the most ancient spices and was used for the purpose of embalming in Egypt some 25 centuries ago. Instead of a seed, cinnamon comes from inner bark of a tree that is further rolled and dried. Traditionally, cinnamon
is used to warm the bodies to eliminate congestion and phlegm in the lungs and to stop the runny noses.

Cloves: Cloves first originated in Indonesia and are perhaps the first ever breathe fresheners in the history. In addition, cloves
are extremely high in antioxidants and therefore, should be an integral part of your spice healing chest. They can also be used
to reduce bloating and calming down flatulence. In this regard, fruits stewed with cloves will not only be tastier, they will be of great help in digestion.

Paprika: Paprika belongs to the same family as chilli and is native to Mexico. Many varieties of this taste enhancer are available such as smocked, hot, sweet and mild. Just like chilli, paprika is abounding in important antioxidants like caspanthin, quercetin and others and can be massively helpful in combating obesity and to prevent many fatal diseases.

Turmeric: Countries like India and Pakistan has the lowest rate of bowl cancer in the world thanks to the constant use of turmeric in their dishes. An antioxidant with the name of curcumin is believed to have anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, antiviral and anticancer properties. Furthermore, turmeric has been used in South Asia, Thailand and China for centuries for treating a myriad of diseases. The greatest advantage of turmeric is that you can include it in any of your dish whether it is rice or a curry.

Anise: People of ancient Rome used to use anise at the end of heavy feasts to improve digestion and for freshening of the breath. Moreover, anise has unbelievable carminative and stimulant properties that help to treat colic and flatulency. Anis is also exceptional as far as controlling nausea, bloating and gas problems is concerned.

Furthermore, it can be used in order to cure long lasting coughs and colds.

Ginger: The health benefits of ginger are undeniable as it offers a multitude of them. Ginger is extremely helpful in reducing
nausea, help in improving digestion as well as combating coughs, colds and flues. In addition, ginger can also be very effective as far as weight loss is concerned and can also be used in production of required energy and endurance to power through
the hectic and tough routines of modern life.

Conclusion: Adding natural spices to dishes not only increase the flavor but also offer great health benefits to the users. That is why people around the world are still using them to treat different medical condition and you can also do so to live a
healthy and active life.

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