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I invite you
to entertain the possibility that your biggest dreams seek to express through
you as much as you seek to align with them!


is energy and everything resonates at a certain frequency.


When we
begin resonating at the same frequency as our big dream, we will begin
magnetizing that very dream into our life … then we will LIVE that dream…and
then even bigger dreams will well up inside of us!


You can see
how life is a never ending process of growing into that which we authentically
desire for ourselves.


DREAMS help us grow. They urge us to move towards them. Part of the process of
moving towards them includes letting go of those beliefs and behaviors that do
not align with their resonance!


It all
sounds as simple as 1, 2, 3. On one level it really is. On another level we need
to understand how we, as human beings, are biologically wired to resist change.
In other words, in order to create the change that is needed for us to align
with our BIG DREAMS, we first need to learn to break through our most basic
human inclination to resist the very change we desire.


Let me be a
little more specific here:


In a
nutshell, to our subconscious mind, that which is KNOWN is considered SAFE and
that which is UNKNOWN is considered DANGEROUS. It is common knowledge that our
subconscious mind fuels 80% of the way we function in the world (especially when
we are cruising on auto-pilot). When something is considered dangerous (ie.
unknown!), our subconscious mind will do everything in its power to keep us from
experiencing this danger. This is great and necessary when the danger is real.
However, because our BIG DREAM is perceived by our subconscious mind as an
unknown, any movement we make towards aligning with it will be perceived as


subconscious mind serves as our inner thermostat. It will do everything it
possibly can to keep things as they are (otherwise also referred to as
“homeostasis”). It will trigger our Fight, Fright, Flight response – our
automatic survival mechanism – as well as other inner aspects, such as our inner
saboteur, in an attempt to regulate that which is known. (You can learn more
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Learning to
navigate and break through our in-built “resistance factor” is a crucial part of
moving towards our dreams.


The very
process of raising our resonance to align with our dreams is the GREAT ADVENTURE


will be different for each one of us and will change throughout our lifetime.


Our big
dreams will urge us to grow into them… and as WE grow, so will our dreams!


May your
days be filled with much joy!



About the Author:


Tal Shai, MA
(Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Spiritual Psychology) is an Intuitive
Life Coach who helps people all over the planet create the life of their dreams.
She is the author of the Intuition Heart Cards and Guidebook, an interactive
tool designed to support groups and individuals access their inner guidance.
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