I know that nothing has ever been real

Without my beholding it.

All becoming has needed me.

My looking ripens things

And they come toward me, to meet and be met.

-Rainier Maria Rilke, from The Book of Hours

You are a master at beholding. You beheld your very self before you came into this world and manifested your very own current human form. When you remember what you’ve forgotten, that you are a powerful and deliberate creator, you will laugh out loud at the delights you can bring into your life.

Do you find yourself praying or intending in a way that is closer to pleading? Are you asking the Universe for assistance and hoping it will deliver? Are you relying on other people or on outer circumstances in order to get what you want? You need not ask, then hope, then wait, for the Universe to bring you what you desire. You are the bringer. You are the beholder. You are the chooser and the allower of everything, everything that exists in your life!

Give up all hope that anyone or anything will bring you what you desire. It is all up to you, all of it. Giving up all hope sounds frightening and disempowering but in reality it is the most freeing, empowering thing you could ever do for yourself and your world. You stop worrying that there is any circumstance outside of you that can sabotage your efforts. You realize that you are in control of it all. The Spirit you pray to is not separate from you and you begin to tap into your soul power. There is no single circumstance that can interfere with your desires, nothing outside of you that can get in the way of manifesting what you want. You no longer have to “let things take their course” because you decide the course.

If you hope for something you want to come true, it implies that some power outside of you is going to make it happen, that somehow you are not the attractor of your every experience. It’s like you are alone in a boat but how did you get here? And why don’t you have any oars? But if you can reach for a little bit better place than hope, like allowing, you are getting closer to at least seeing that you put yourself in this boat and oh, here are the oars. You don’t quite know how to use them very well yet, but you can try steering and allow what will happen to happen, knowing you are getting better and better at navigating your future. So instead of saying, “I hope what I want will come to me” you might try saying “I allow what I want to come to me” or “I choose for what I want to come to me.”

Even better than allowing and choosing is expecting. In this case, you realize you chose to get in the boat, you are a master at using those oars, and you have a specific destination you are rowing yourself towards. You know fully that you are the bringer of your every experience and that nothing and nobody outside of you can affect your own attraction. The moment you desire something to happen, you simply expect it to happen. This is the most delicious knowing you can ever experience because you are seeing the world and yourself as your soul sees it.

So stop wishing! Stop wanting! Stop hoping! Stop yearning! Instead, start choosing, claiming, allowing and expecting your desires to manifest from within you into your outer world! Every desire you can conceive of in your imagination means that it is alive inside of you. It already exists so there is nothing to hope for. You already have it. You need only claim it, and allow it to spill forth from within you into physical form.

Wishing, wanting, hoping, yearning…all of these imply that you are somehow powerless. If you are dissatisfied with what you have attracted into your life through your own consciousness, your own concept of yourself, simply change that self-concept now. Choose to. Stop hoping someone or something is going to come along and change your circumstances. It isn’t possible. Instead, decide to create something more to your liking.

Choose to feel good now. Invite excitement, expectancy, happiness, love, appreciation and gratitude into your heart and into your mind now! That is the only way to invite excitement, expectancy, happiness, love, appreciation and gratitude into your life. You are here for the sole purpose of creating a life of passion and joy! You are in charge. Take whatever actions are necessary. Anything that has ever blossomed into your life, be it a weed or a flower, has needed you. You are the gardener. What will you plant, knowing that the soil you cultivate produces anything you desire?

Excerpted from the book Delighting the Soul: Lessons on Life Purpose, Authenticity & the Law of Attraction.

About the Author:

Melody Larson is a rising voice in the human potential movement. She’s a self-proclaimed Joy Guide and the author of 2 books: the newly released Delighting the Soul and the highly popular The Beginner’s Guide to Abundance. For free
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