Getting started online isn’t easy. It’s confusing.

So much information, hype, junk and lack of direction.

We hear a lot of it from customers and subscribers here at so I thought I’d help clear things up a bit and point you in a simple, solid direction to go.

You see, I’ve coached hundreds of people how to get started online successfully.

And I define success as someone who’s made their first dollar online – not just put a site up.

Putting a site up is easy, making that first dollar can be really frustrating.

So here are the steps you need to go through, and then I’ll point you to the #1 thing online you can do quickly to get a successful site up and running.

1) Find and research your market

2) Get some content

3) Put it up on a web site that sells

#1 Find and research your market.

Start with the things you know something about. The things you like and enjoy. Make a list. Odds are there are lots of other people who like that stuff too.

Pets, vacations, hobbies, how to, etc, etc.

Then start doing a little research. Check out site popularity of possible competitors to get a feel for who the real players are. Find keywords that are being used so you know what the market is really looking for.

Don’t waste weeks doing this, but dig deep for a couple of days and see what you come up with – to get a real good feel for which market seems like it has the best opportunity for you.

#2 Get some content

Now, I said “get some content”, not necessarily “write some content”. Writing it is the cheapest way in terms of money out of your pocket for expenses, but you can pretty easily get other people to write articles for you, too.

Just make sure the articles are on content that match the market and what they are looking for. And the only way to REALLY know is to write them and get them out to the world.

#3 Put it up on a web site that sells

This is where all those sales and marketing tactics you’ve read come in handy. You can do all sorts of things to capture the traffic that will be coming to your new site.

But the best way?

Ask people to subscribe for something for free. Get them used to working with, and trusting, you.

Then offer to sell them something that fits what they’re interested in.

On our site, it’s pretty obvious how we ask people to subscribe right?

And we do it a couple of different ways. But the biggest thing is that we offer huge value to people for subscribing.

You can do it too.

Now, this is a very basic overview. Would you like something that’s a LOT more comprehensive (for FREE) regarding all these issues?

One of the most important resources for people just getting started online is a whole series of things tools, reports and ebooks by Ken Evoy over at

Things like Search It!, the Site Build It! Action Guide, and the Make Your Site Sell! Guide are incredible – and FREE.

If you’re interested in doing the affiliate thing for faster income instead of creating your own products, check out The Affiliate Masters Course.

Whether you are primarily offline or online, a work at home Mom, or into Ebay auctions, you’ll find something of huge value here – and Ken gives it away for free.

I know because the hundreds of people I taught to make a successful web site (i.e. bringing in real cash) all used Site Sell to do it.

It’s an incredible place to start, to get educated, and most importantly – get your first real results. From there, you can go on to anything you want.

Check out the video from Elad on this page to get a better idea of where you can go…

To your online success,

Ric Thompson

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