Along with his wife, Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks, Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., is the co-author of many bestsellers, including Conscious Loving and Five Wishes. He is the author of 33 books, including The Corporate Mystic, Conscious Living and The Big Leap, and has been a major contributor to the fields of relationship transformation and body / mind therapies for over 35 years.

After receiving his Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Stanford in 1974, and a 21-year career as a professor of Counseling Psychology at University Colorado, Gay and Kathlyn founded The Hendricks Institute, which is based in Ojai, California and offers seminars worldwide. In recent years he has also been active in creating new forms of conscious entertainment.

In 2003, along with movie producer Stephen Simon, Dr. Hendricks founded The Spiritual Cinema Circle, which distributes inspirational movies to subscribers in 70-plus countries around the world. He has appeared on more than 500 radio and television shows, including Oprah, CNN, CNBC, 48 Hours, and others.

TAMMY LAWMAN: We’re going to jump right into this. We’re going to focus on all of our budding entrepreneurs today.

GAY HENDRICKS: That sounds good. I was at a meeting yesterday and part of today with a bunch of folks like that. That’s a group of people who I love to talk to.

TAMMY LAWMAN: Wonderful. Gay, can you tell our audience a little more about your background and how you transitioned? Did you have a psychology practice, or did you go right into business?

GAY HENDRICKS: I had a psychology practice, and I was also was a university professor. To go back to where it began, I remember having a conversation with one of my professors when I was working on my Ph.D. at Stanford. He asked me if I wanted to go into private practice or if I wanted to go into university teaching. I said, If those are the only two options, I definitely want to do a little private practice, but I mostly want to be a teacher.

I said, my real dream is to find new ways of getting this incredible information out to people who really need it. Why should people have to go into therapy in order to get it? Why couldn’t they get it off television? You see, at the time there was no such thing as the Internet. Video and cable television were just beginning. I wanted to get this incredible information out to people where they were, rather than have them come to a university, or identify themselves as having a problem that they wanted to work on in therapy.

That’s been my emphasis. I think I was one of the first professors to teach a course on cable television back when it was just coming in. I’ve always been interested in new ways of getting the information out. Now today, with the Internet, teleseminars and video-conferences, it feels like my dream has come true. Finally, the technology is doing the things that I dreamed of 40 years ago. Now it’s happened, and I couldn’t be happier.

TAMMY LAWMAN: I love your passion, and it shows through in your work. We appreciate what you’re creating in the world today.

GAY HENDRICKS: Thank you. I consider entrepreneurs to be God’s gift to the world. If anybody is going to change the world it will be entrepreneurs. If you think about it, an entrepreneurial life is really a spiritual calling as much as it is a business calling. In my program in which I teach entrepreneurship, we focus on helping people who have a transformational focus to build their businesses.

In other words, what they’re offering to people needs to be something that demonstratively changes people’s lives. There needs to be good evidence of that and be grounded in the integrity of the person who’s teaching. We teach from the ground up how to be an entrepreneur. We teach all the technical things that you have to do, of course, too.

You have to approach entrepreneurship from the inside out to make a big success out of it because unless you can transform yourself in the process, why be in business? Unless it’s an alive, growing process on a daily basis, there are a lot of other ways to spend your time rather than being in business.

TAMMY LAWMAN: What do you think is the biggest problem facing entrepreneurs today?

GAY HENDRICKS: I would identify two or three. Let me start with a big foundational one. That is that typically entrepreneurs don’t know their own deep story well enough to make use of it in their entrepreneurship. We teach that hidden inside the power of your own story is an incredible gift that you can use for your marketing advantage as well as for the development of your own products and services.

We help people know themselves from the inside out so that the details can handle themselves effortlessly. Unless you’re feeling better at the end of the business day than you felt at the beginning, you’re doing something wrong. We want to show people how to maintain energy – the kind of energy you’re hearing right now at this moment – all day long and even feel better at the end of the day than when you started.

That’s the real transformational possibility of being an entrepreneur. If you can capture that, then all of the other details fall into place. In our program, we give people a lot of templates that have already been prepared for them so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It takes the axle factor out of being an entrepreneur. The fundamentals are that you need to be able to commit yourself, body and soul, to the process of entrepreneurship. That’s why we’re so big on having it be something that genuinely changes other people’s lives.

TAMMY LAWMAN: You talk about the conscious entrepreneur. Can you define what a conscious entrepreneur is and how and why you came up with the concept?

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