Many people manifest their soulmate within seven days of my workshops. Why is this? The work opens something in them has impeded their progress toward love. Culled from the exercises we do in my love workshops, the following steps will help you to remove any blocks you have to love and open up to your One.

1. OPEN UP to the possibility that you have a soulmate out there somewhere, living and breathing right now. In this cynical society, it is easy to be a skeptic, to think that love is only for the lucky. This makes many singles feel desperate, and this energetic is not conducive to attracting your love. Change your thinking on this issue to open up to love. Begin affirming that you do have a soulmate, and that nothing can keep the two of you apart. Shield yourself from people or situations that might reawaken fear or desperation in you. My belief is that there is “lid for every pot,” a perfect mate for each one of us. Know that this is absolutely true for you, and that your intense desire for love is simply the energy that propels you into the arms of your One.

2. RELEASE negative beliefs and any old loves lurking about in your consciousness. Affirm that you do have a soulmate, one who is the love of your life and has everything that you want, even if you don’t imagine this person can possibly exist. Release any notion you have that you have to “settle,” and affirm that the two of you have crackling chemistry. Look around you, searching for the love stories you see, especially the unlikely ones. Accept that there are no limits in love and that you can have it all. Write an affirmation for yourself along the lines of, “My soulmate is coming to me even now. Nothing can keep us apart.”

If you are still hanging on to a past love, sure that this person is your One, you need to release this person energetically. Even if (s)he is your soulmate, the release is what will bring him or her to you. Every time you think of this person, release them anew and turn your thoughts to something else. Wean yourself from hanging on, as this may delay love for you.

3. MAKE TWO LISTS. Examine all of your old relationships. Determine what worked for you and what didn’t. From this, come up with a list of characteristics that your soulmate has and ones (s)he definitely doesn’t have. Also make note of the kind of relationship you want from past experience. If there are relationships that friends or family have that you admire, write down what you like about those relationships, knowing that you can have this for yourself in your own soulmate relationship. The second list should detail what you bring to the relationship. It is what you have to offer. This part is important for balance. If you are hard up for a clue as to what is desirable in you, start with nice things your friends have told you about yourself. Then, add to the list what past loves said drew them to you. You don’t have to be bound to these lists. They’re not meant to limit you, but instead to give you a better sense of what your soulmate and your relationship are like. This person is made for you and will fit very well with you.

4. SEND OUT A SOUL CALL ON THE INNER & OUTER. This is a critical step. First, send out an invitation on the inner through prayer or affirmation. Energetically invite this person into your life. Continue your soul call on the outer by ritualizing it with a positive action. Buy a card for him or her (yes, even before you’ve met), set up an extra nightstand, clear out a drawer in your home or declutter. You are making space on the inner & the outer through these means.

Revisit thoughts of your soulmate often. You may find yourself feeling him or her on the inner.

5. DATE DIFFERENTLY WITH HOPE & TOLERANCE. If you really hate dating, understand that your soulmate may very well “have a wreck in your yard.” I use this example to illustrate the fact that as you do the inner work, you don’t even have to try to meet anyone. I have a file full of examples of people who have met someone by staying home. However, if you date, do it differently. Learn to go out with no agenda. The chance to meet another human being, even for a brief moment, is precious. Listen more deeply to your dates, and seek to understand them. Don’t compromise yourself by doing anything you don’t want to, and by no means allow yourself to feel desperate or to be put in a desperate situation (singles gatherings can sometimes have this feel to them). Stay rooted through any dating you do in the fact that you have a soulmate living and breathing somewhere on this earth. Nothing will keep him or her from you, and so you have no reason to worry or sweat any individual date. As you date in a new way, this continues your energetic magnetizing of your soulmate.

These five steps have worked for thousands of people now married to their One, experiencing a relationship beyond what they could have imagined for themselves. This process of opening to your soulmate is not always easy, but it is well worth the journey.

About the Author:

Kathryn Alice, RScP, ALSP is the U.S.’s premier authority on soulmates and spiritual dating. She is author of the bestselling book Love Will Find You and directed the Agape Crisis Support Team for 6 years. Kathryn teaches in over 50 cities internationally including LA, New York, Chicago, Kuala Lumpur, Cape Town and Sydney and her work has appeared in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY, PARADE, BODY+SOUL, THE NEW YORK TIMES and in NBC, MONTEL and SINGLE TALK. To find out more about Kathryn’s work, visit: