We talked recently about fitting in, and the subconscious way we
can hold ourselves back from personal growth to do that. It’s an
insidious disease; one I was victim to for a long time. So what
do you do about it?

I’m afraid I made it sound hopeless, like we are surrounded
only by helpless, hapless, clueless morons. We are. But that’s
only partly true…

Because actually, there are a great deal of people of
consciousness out there; it just takes a little effort to find

Yes it’s true that I don’t fit in to just about every
organization or social group I belong to. And you probably don’t
either. (Or at least I hope not.) But within those groups, I
have discovered people I want to be with. And you will too.

But you certainly can increase your odds…

There are a lot of organizations and social situations I avoid
like the plague. Parties for a start. Bars are another. WWF,
tractor pulls, and white supremacy rallies are also high on my
list of places to avoid.

So where can you go?

I really want to encourage you to participate on the
Breakthrough U Forum. You have a whole bunch of positive,
success and prosperity oriented people to interact with. And get
to events I do, where Breakthrough U students will be gathered.
At the Copywriting College we had four Mastermind Council
members, and at least five or six Alchemists there. It was a
wonderful chance for people to connect, match a face to the
postings they have been reading, and develop some positive

You will find some people seeking a higher consciousness at
other self-development seminars, chess clubs, and travel clubs.
The community college and university extension classes are
filled with people working to better themselves. Look for
cultural events like the symphony, opera and the ballet. In
fact, let me sound snobbish and say you should look for events
where there are people with money.

Now of course having money doesn’t automatically make someone a
person of higher consciousness. But getting and keeping money,
does require a certain level of understanding of the concepts of
trading value for value and other prosperity principles. I had
lunch last week with a guy who is giving one million dollars to
the symphony this year! Now that is what I call prosperity.


People who spend Friday night at a bookstore, are going to be a
whole lot more interesting than those you’d meet in a pub. And
likewise, you are more likely to meet someone with intelligence
in a library than a video store.

So where are you hanging out, and with who?


For more than 15 years, Randy Gage has been helping people transform self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their dreams. Randy Gage is a modern day explorer in the field of body-mind development and personal growth. He is the author of the best-selling albums, Dynamic Development and Prosperity and director of www.BreakthroughU.com . For more resources and to subscribe to Randy's free ezine newsletters visit www.RandyGage.com