I know these are harsh words, but it’s time you knew the reality of what your job is doing to your future aspirations.

The simple fact is that you are probably like most people, underpaid, over worked and overloaded with credit card debt. The reason you are in this position is because you are relying on someone else to build your future. While you have a family to provide for, bills to pay and an overloaded credit card you are going to keep going back to work every Monday morning because you want what your job gives you, MONEY!

Is this enough for you?

No, of course it’s not and you know it, but you keep plodding along, turning up every Monday morning knowing you will walk away at the end of the week with the same amount of money with the same family commitments, the same bills to pay and the same credit card debt hanging like a noose around your neck nothing will change. The reason you have credit card debt in the first place is the same reason most people have credit card debt. Your income doesn’t cover your cost of living.

Are You Undervalued

If the above sounds familiar, you need to start making some decisions to take control of your financial situation. Your under paid job has you by the short and curlies to put it bluntly! You know you will keep going back every Monday morning because you need your pay packet at the end of the week. What if this was to change? What if you made the kind of income you are truly worth? How would life change for you and your family? How do you think it would make you feel to go in one Monday morning and fire your boss.

Many people will plod along in life working for someone else, making someone else rich. Others will make a decision to make the choice to take action and change their current situation knowing it will never change unless they change.

Take Control of your Future

Incorporate some discipline into your life and start implementing positive changes for your future. Start earning the income you deserve and stop selling yourself short. You know you can do whatever you put your mind to, you just need to set your goals and follow them. File your financial past and your mistakes where they belong, in the past! Imagine you have two filing cabinets in the first one you file everything from the past and in the other one you file everything you would like for the future. If you go back to the past file you will just keep repeating your old ways. Don’t open that drawer again if you want to change. Fill up your future filing cabinet with all your ongoing goals and open this drawer on a regular basis to remind yourself where you are heading and keep yourself on track. Dreams are like stars if you follow them they will lead to your destiny. I know this sounds a little corny but it really does work if you have the determination to change your destiny.

About the Author:

Sandy Moore has 25 years experience in Free enterprise and direct sales. She specialises in Personal Branding and educating others in Online Business building. To find out more about Sandy go to http://whoissandymoore.com.

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