Back in 1984 my life was not going very well at all. I was a management consultant with very few clients. I was on my third marriage and we were arguing a lot. I had a two-year old baby girl and money was really scarce.

Right after New Year’s Day in 1985 I was on a plane from New York to California to make a consulting proposal to Carter Hawley Hale, a department store chain.

With over five hours without interruptions, I started thinking about why certain things in my life were such a struggle, especially money.

Based on some books I had read and some workshops I had taken, I had gotten the idea that the difficulties in my life might be caused by my beliefs. This might seem obvious to you today, but at the time the idea was not as widespread as it is today.

Despite all the workshops and trainings I’d attended and the numerous books I’d read, I had never found a way to permanently change my beliefs

Well, I wondered sitting on the plane: “If my life is the result of my beliefs, what did I believe that’s responsible for this pattern of struggle?”

Here’s what I came up with:

I had always seen myself as someone who never gave up. No matter what, I’d keep going. In fact, that was the one trait most people who knew me always acknowledged. So what did I actually believe?

Five hundred or so miles later I had found the answer:

Because I had a bunch of negative self-esteem beliefs, such as I’m not good enough and I’m not important, I had based my self-esteem on never giving up. I thought forging ahead no matter what is what made me good enough and important.

If the way people’s lives turn out is the result of their beliefs, I thought, what would show up in my life if I believed “What makes me good enough is overcoming obstacles”?

Obstacles, of course! Not success, because that wouldn’t give me an opportunity to demonstrate that I’d never give up. I needed obstacles to prove that nothing could ever stop me, which would make me a worthwhile person.

I continued to question. Why did I think that? By the time I landed I felt different, as if something profound had shifted in me, but I didn’t know what.

I made the business presentation I had flown to LA for and returned home the next day still musing over the remarkable shift I had experienced on the plane.

What had happened to me? What did it mean?

I had just started trying to explain to my wife, Shelly, what I had realized on the plane, when the phone rang. It was Carter, Hawley, Hale, the company I had made my presentation to in LA.

I had gotten the assignment.

I hung up the phone and turned back to my wife Shelly. “It looks like I really did eliminate a belief, because the obstacles just disappeared. I got the assignment!”

But I had to find out exactly what I had done on the plane, because not only didn’t I have the belief anymore, something had changed in my life.

If a belief had made me perceive my life as full of obstacles, then helping other people eliminate beliefs could change how they perceived their lives and, ultimately, their behavior.

It took Shelly and me weeks of going over the notes I took on the plane to figure out the formula for eliminating beliefs. Then, using the process we formulated, I eliminated a bunch of negative limiting beliefs.

The beliefs I eliminated enabled me to look at my then desperate financial situation as an opportunity rather than a problem, and then find a way to take advantage of the opportunity.

I decided to totally change the type of consulting I had been doing, and started to help organizations eliminate the beliefs that were keeping them from necessary changes.

As a result, my associates and I were able to help several corporations dramatically increase their profits. Our own revenues reached one million dollars the following year. And over the next few years my wife Shelly and I helped over 13,000 people eliminate negative beliefs about themselves and the world so they could live better lives.

Since then I’ve been discouraged and disappointed by circumstances more times than I could possibly count. What has kept me going? The belief that there is a solution and I will find it. If I hadn’t gotten rid of the beliefs I had in my early 20s, such as “I’m not capable” and “I’m powerless,” I would have given up a long time ago.

The best-selling business book, Success Built to Last, reports that enduringly successful people “find it irresistible to try, fail, improve; then try again, fail again, and get even better.” Could you do that if you believed “Mistakes and failure are bad” or “I’ll never get what I want”?

What’s the difference between the millions of people who lose their jobs and get paralyzed by feelings of hopelessness and helplessness and the 600,000 last year who said, how can I monetize my skills and interests, and who then created a new business?

Only one thing: Negative beliefs about themselves and life versus positive ones.

Along the path of learning to eliminate non-useful beliefs, I’ve learned a few things.

First, eliminating just the few beliefs right after I created the process was not enough. I’ve had to eliminate additional self-esteem beliefs and some limiting beliefs about money I had picked up in my childhood, such as “I’ll never have enough money,” “Money is a struggle” and “I’m not deserving.”

Second, although it took me only a year to build a million dollar a year company back in 1985 after I created this process, eliminating beliefs did not automatically make me wealthy. I had a good product (helping people eliminate crippling beliefs), a good strategy for marketing the product, and a great team working with me. Without those things I probably would not have been as successful as I was.

Whatever issues or challenges you may be facing today, I can tell you, not only from my own experience, but from the experience of thousands of my clients, that getting rid of limiting beliefs will transform the way you experience your life.

There is no situation or circumstance that can keep you from living a successful, exciting life. Only the beliefs you hold can do that.

About the Author:

I can’t guarantee that just eliminating the beliefs will make you money. There are too many factors involved in building wealth for any honest person to make that guarantee.

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