There is a perfect universal system that allows us to create anything we wish to experience. It starts with a decision of what we truly desire in our life, and then declaring it with two simple words: “I AM.”

This declaration we make-to ourselves and to the universe-is our state of being. We are source energy in a physical body having an earthly experience. The expression of that experience is our state of being. This is articulated through the statement, “I AM…” followed by whatever we choose to express.

Our “I AM” statements set the stage, so to speak, of what our life experience will be in any given area. “I AM” sends a message to all the cells of our being and all the levels of our consciousness about what we choose to express at this point in time. Everything lines up then to help us express that state of being. “Having” comes after “being.” We must be something before the physical manifestations appear in our lives.

It’s like a magical formula. Every “I AM” changes our vibrational frequency, which causes instantaneous internal transformational shifts that generate new thoughts followed by new speech patterns followed by new actions followed by new results.

The Universe doesn’t make judgments on what we decide our lives will be. So it’s up to us to choose our state of being, our “I AMs,” to set Universal forces in motion to deliver to us that which we desire.

The choice is endless: I AM… wealthy. I AM… poor. I AM… sick and tired. I AM… vibrant and healthy. I AM… creating millions of dollars. Or, to put it even more powerfully, we use nouns instead of adjectives: “I AM wealth.” “I AM vibrant health.”

For example, the simple statement of “I AM vibrant health,” sends a message to your conscious, thinking mind that you are choosing health as a way of life. It sends a message to your subconscious mind to line up experiences that allow you to express this health and vibrancy. This “I AM” alerts the superconscious mind, your soul or higher self, that you are actively choosing the expression of health and vibrancy, which puts Universal principles of cause and effect, as well as the Law of Attraction, to work for you.

Additionally, this statement of “I AM vibrant health” sends a message to your body at a cellular level that health and vibrancy are the expectation. The cells immediately begin aligning themselves to express vibrant health. Your subconscious and conscious minds begin coming up with ways in which you can practice and express this vibrant health, such as eating superfoods and exercising.

What a marvelous system! Once we decisively declare what the expression of our life is going to be, everything in our lives moves in that direction to make it so.

The angst and hard work are taken out of our hands. The ‘how’ is not our concern. All we need to do is to decide what life expression we want to experience on any given subject, declare it to ourselves and to the Universe, and then take inspired action.

Yes, that’s right, there are going to be action steps to take. The “I AM” statement is the all-important decision and declaration of choice, and the ‘how’ is the province of inter-related Universal forces. Then it’s up to us to take action steps as inspired by our higher self. The messages that come to us through intuition and synchronicity, among other forms, are the inspiration that will move us into our desired physical life experience.

To continue the example of deciding to have a healthy and vibrant life experience, if we are trying to decide what to have for breakfast one morning, either a donut or some granola with bananas, we may feel a tug-of-war within. There’s a side of us that craves the donut, and another side of us that thinks granola may be the healthier choice. Getting back into the space of declaring ourselves to the Universe through the statement, “I AM vibrant health!” lines us up with choices that will express this state of health and vibrancy. From that declarative state, the choice between granola and a donut is easy.

And let’s talk about the occurrence of really inspired action steps. From that feeling of being healthy and vibrant and wanting to express it in every way possible, we go on with our daily life. Out of the blue, a co-worker mentions starting up a kickball team. Something inside of us says, “Yes! That would be a fun way to be healthy!” That’s our higher guidance talking. The inspired action step of this equation is to go ahead and sign up to be on the kickball team.

The formula is very clear in this example:

  1. “I AM” statement expressing what we choose to experience,

  2. Our mind and body, along with the Universe, gear up to create opportunity for us, and

  3. We are presented with steps to take that will support us in creating the state of being that we declared.

To have a radically new lifestyle, to create bigger and better things, it clearly follows that a radically new state of being must be created. New, empowering “I AM” statements must be declared. We then allow the Universe to handle the ‘hows’, and follow Divine guidance with inspired action steps.

The dedication involved with clearly declaring an “I AM” statement creates a state of being that leads to transformations in our external, physical life. That’s the message behind the statements, “As within, so without,” and “First, Know Thyself.”

Go ahead, don’t be shy. Declare what you envision for your life experience using clear and powerful “I AM” statements, and prepare for some wonderful, dramatic changes.

About the Author:

Harrison Klein is the principal creator of “The Masters Gathering,” and is a Transformational Coach teaching self-mastery and the “I AM” Principles. You can visit Harrison at: