Chris Atwood: I’d like to introduce our guest this month and then turn it over to our good friend, personal development expert Bill Harris of Centerpointe Research institute to, actually, conduct the bulk of this interview.

Dr. Zhi Gang Sha is an extraordinary healer and spiritual master. He has devoted his entire life to alleviating pain and suffering for those who have chronic pain, chronic illness, and life threatening conditions. He began his extraordinary journey at the age of five. You’ll find that Dr. Sha is very, very clear about his passions and about his personal mission. He has a degree as a western-medicine doctor in China. He’s also a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. He’s a renowned herbalist and acupuncturist. He’s mastered the ancient Chinese secrets of Tai Chi, I-ching, Qigong, and Feng Shui. He’s also a Grand Master of Zhi Neng Medicine, the founder of Power Healing and Soul Mind Body Medicine, as well as the author of the bestselling book, The Power of Healing.

As a healer and spiritual master, Dr. Sha deeply believes that one heals the soul first, then the healing of the mind and body will follow.

So with that, Bill, I’m going to turn it over to you.

Bill Harris: Well, thank you very much, Chris. Master Sha, it’s really a pleasure to speak with you again. Can you start off by describing for everyone who’s listening your major passion in life, which I believe you refer to as your personal mission?

Dr. Sha: Bill, I would like to say my life’s mission is actually three life missions.

  • Number one is to teach people how to heal themselves.
  • Number two is to teach soul wisdom, knowledge, and the practice to fulfill spiritual life.
  • Number three is to be a universal servant, by serving humanity, to serve Mother Earth.

Bill Harris: Can you describe a little bit of what you mean when you say soul wisdom?

Dr. Sha: Soul wisdom includes the basic knowledge of souls and soul communication.

For example; what is a soul?

Where is the soul located in our bodies?

What is the characteristic of a soul?

What can a soul do for a person’s life?

If you open your spiritual channels, you can directly communicate with the souls. There are four major spiritual channels:

  1. The direct channel. After you open the direct spiritual channel, you can converse with the divine, with the Buddha, with saints, with the healing angels. In fact, you can communicate with the entire universe.
  2. The third eye. If you open the third eye, you can see spiritual images.
  3. The soul language. Souls can talk and you can translate your soul’s voice.
  4. The intuitive channel where you just know. This is where you just know when something is right, or not right. Some people have great intuitive channels.

You see life can be divided into physical life and spiritual life. So we want success. We want good health and happiness. We want to have good business, good relationships with our families. This is the physical life. Physical life is to serve the soul life. Physical life is short. You live seventy, eighty years and your physical life ends and our soul goes to heaven. Our souls will return again. That’s why physical life is to serve the spiritual life.

Chris Atwood: I wonder, Master Sha, if we could just go back to where it all started for you? You started at such a young age – just five-years-old. How did you come to discover your mission and realize the gifts that you now enjoy?

Dr. Sha: When I was five, I lived in a small town in China and I caught the flu. The doctors gave me a penicillin injection, and as it turned out, I was allergic to it and went into a coma.

Some people are instantly in big trouble with an allergic reaction, but I didn’t react right away. The doctor gave me the injection, left, and I fell asleep. My grandfather realized that something was wrong with me, and ran to my neighbor who was an acupuncturist. He did a special life-saving technique and I woke up.

This experience at the age of 5 made a very deep impression on me.

Then when I was 6, I went to the park with my parents. There I saw a Tai Chi master was practicing with his disciples, he was a 67-year-old man, but the old master used a gentle force of pushing with his hands, and the disciples flew away for twenty feet away.

I was drawn to this man. I went to him and said, grandfather, I want to learn. He looked at me for a moment then said, you are too young to learn. I begged him to teach me and he said, if you really want to learn this I want to see your parents.

I was so excited. I just ran to my parents and pulled their arms, I said papa, I want to learn this. And so with great support from my parents, I started my journey to learn and practice Tai Chi at the age of six. Every weekend, four or five hours with the old master repeating and repeating. He taught me self-healing.

At age ten I met another renowned master – this one for Qigong. I studied many tapes to understand mediation and the wisdom. And later I studied Kung Fu. I played the knives, the sticks and many instruments with Chinese Kung Fu; a Shaolin Kung Fu. I studied the I-ching and I studied Feng Shui. And later I went to the medical university and I finished my MD degree. After graduating from medical college, I went to traditional Chinese medicine and I received certification as acupuncturist and herbalist. And in 1990, I met Master Guo, the founder of Zhi Neng medicine. Zhi Neng means the intelligence and capabilities of the mind of soul. So after I learned Zhi Neng medicine, I deeply studied the deep soul wisdom with Master Guo.

So there was Tai Chi, from the age of six, Qigong from age ten, and I-ching and Feng Shui, then western medicine and general medicine, then I put all my wisdom together and created Power Healing; the key to energizing your body, mind and spirit.

I gave a lot of the secrets from Buddhism, Taoism, Tai Chi, Qigong and Feng Shui healing.

Why do people get sick?

How can you get well?

I found Americans are too much dependent on doctors and the pharmaceuticals. I understand as an MD from China, people are suffering. People are taking drugs. People want relief. I’m very honored today to teach everybody exactly how to heal themselves.

Bill Harris: Master Sha, that’s wonderful.

You’ve been so successful at so many things. You are a personal physician to many Asian political leaders. You’re a grand master of Qigong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Feng Shui, I-Ching. You’re a bestselling author. You’ve been named Qigong Master of the year. And now you’ve come to the America to teach and share your gifts here. Most people would consider you to be very successful. What do you believe constitutes success? And how to you measure success for yourself?

Dr. Sha: Success is to serve people. About two and a half years ago in a workshop I was half way through my teaching, and the Divine appeared. The Divine said, Zhi Gang, I’m going to teach you a spiritual law. And the time I had so many students there with me, but I said, Can you give me a second, I have a message here?

I stood there five or ten minutes listening to divine conversation, which I call soul communication. The law that Divine taught is, I am a universal servant. You are a universal servant. Everyone, everything is a universal servant.

Think about this a moment, you sit on a chair, you use a telephone, you have table, television, computer…everything is a universal servant. A universal servant offers universal service, including universal love, forgiveness, peace, healing, blessing, harmony and enlightenment.

Forgiveness brings peace. Forgiveness cleanses the karma.

If you offer universal service a little, you’ll receive little cleansing from the spiritual world. If you offer more universal service, you receive more cleansing. If you offer unconditional universal service, you will receive unlimited universal cleansing.

This is good service, what about bad service? Some people are killing, making war, some people are greedy, some people take advantages of other human beings. We call that bad karma. Karma means The right code of services. Good service = good karma. Bad service = bad karma.

Success is happiness, peace, and health. If you have simple life, comfortable life, as long as you’re happy and healthy, and you have great passion to want to serve others, I think you are successful. Because life is always up and down, up and down. Lots of spiritual beings have a very simple life, and they are very successful. Like Mother Theresa and many, many great human beings, they have a very simple life, and they are healthy, happy and I think they are very successful.

Bill Harris: That is one of the purest definitions of success I think I’ve ever heard. Now you have quite a reputation for healing other people, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and also empowering others to heal themselves. How do you actually heal other people? And how do you empower them to heal themselves? What exactly do you teach them?

Dr. Sha: In my power-healing book I explain four power techniques.

The first is the body power. Body power means, how you see your hands and the body positions to heal. Power Healing states, an illness is due to energy and spiritual blockages – all kinds of pains; headache, back pain, knee pain.

To heal the blockages I will introduce 1 Hand Near, 1 Hand Far.

Let me explain how this technique works.

If you put both palms together as close as you can, almost instantly you feel the heat, a tingling between the palms. That heat or tingling is the energy. The energy radiates out from the cellular vibration of your palm.

I’m doing research with a UCLA professor and he put a very tiny needle on the yeast cell, and he tested the vibration of the cell and he used a technology that the cell could make a sound. He increased the temperature and the sound was so different sound. They put a chemical to the yeast cell and the sound came screaming from the cell. There is scientific proof of this cellular vibration.

That is energy – the cellular vibration. When you talk about chi, you can understand it is the energy life force, but how do you feel chi?

Well if we put the palm together as close as you can, we feel the energy. Think about the heart, (heart pounding sound). Ah, our life; expanding, contracting, expanding contracting; cellular vibration. At this moment your brain is thinking. Thinking brains cells’ vibrate and the energy radiates out constantly.

So when you hold your palms very close you feel the energy heat. When you put both palms far apart away; you do not feel too much.

That’s why what I call Far Hands creates a low density energy. With any pain, neck pain, tooth ache, knee pain, chest pain, back pain, you just put the near hand four to seven inches away from the pain, and then you place the far hand 15-30 inches in front of your lower abdomen.

Why do you put the far hand in front of lower abdomen? Because your Lower Dantian there is. When you study Tai Chi, Qigong, you understand the energy source in the human being is in the lower abdomen. It is the energy warehouse, energy center; there is your key for immunity, stamina, vitality, postnatal energy center, and also the seat of the soul. That’s why when you put the hand far that means that part needs lots of energy. That’s why I put the near hands to the painful area; inflammation, tumor, cancer. Far hand area in the lower abdomen so the energy will go to that area.

We’re talking about creating high density and low density energy zones.

Your near hand creates a high density area, the far hand creates a low density area. Now think about the Toronto when its minus 30 degrees outside. You open a window, and the dense, cold air comes into the warm room. According to the laws of physics, high density flows to low density.

With the near hands we create a high density. With the far hand we create the low density. You just relax the body and the energy will flow from the painful area, from the inflammation area, the tumor cancer area, will flow down to the lower abdomen. That is the real wisdom of unblocking the energy.

Bill Harris: How long do you hold the hands in that position?

Dr. Sha: Three to five minutes per time, and three to five times per day. As long as you hold the hand this way, you relax your body, many people will feel better right away. I cannot say everybody will instantly feel better – I never teach that way because the problem could have been there fifteen years or so. You could have been taking pills all that time and they didn’t heal you. So how could you expect this energy healing to completely heal you right away? It’s not fair to say that. It does work over time.

This is the first technique of body power.

The second is sound power. Let me show you how to do it. In my Power Healing book, I reviewed probably seven or eight of the most powerful healing mantras. You chant, you make the cells vibrate, then the body will produce all kinds of waves and the particles will communicate with the universe.

That’s why I’m going to teach you one mantra, that you will benefit right away.

The first sound is (chants) W-E-N-G. Take a deep inhale and chants. Weng vibrates the head.

The second sound is A-R. Really pronounce the ar…deep inhale; chant. Ar resonates the cellular vibration of the chest.

The third sound is hong, H-O-N-G, vibrates the lower abdomen.

Just relax, put the tip of tongue at the upper roof of the mouth and chant two times.

So weng vibrates the head, ar vibrates the chest, hong vibrates the abdomen. That’s where all the major organs are included. That is the second power.

The third power is the mind power. Mind power includes the intention of the mind, creativity of the mind, manifestation of the mind, inspiration of the mind, concentration of the mind. The empowering system I teach everyone is to use creative visualization.

While you do a deep inhale, (chanting weng), you visualize red-light, bright red. While you chant ar – bright white light. While you chant hong-bright blue.

The next one is soul power. I don’t think I have enough time to give a thorough explanation of soul power here, but I do want to explain a very simple incredibly powerful soul technique.

I call it Say Hello Healing.

Everybody knows how to say hello, but you may not know how to say hello to your body. Let me explain how to do this.

For example, say you have back pain. The first thing is to feel the soul, mind, and body of your back.

I do not say feel the body, mind, soul.

I don’t say mind, body, and soul.

I say soul, mind, and body. Remember the order.

Often we use mind over matter. Here we want to use mind over matter, plus the soul over mind and matter. Soul has incredible power. Soul is the boss.

If mind and soul are in harmony, your life is a smooth success, peaceful and happy. If your mind and soul are not in harmony – lots of blockages. That’s why you will feel soul, mind, and body of your back.

Feel it and say, I love you. You have the power to heal yourself. Please heal yourself. Thank you.

Give your love. Give your compassion to your back. When people are sick, they complain and say, I don’t like my back. You want to transform the complaining to love. That’s why you will say, Dear soul mind and body of my knee, I love you, please heal yourself. Then do the weng-ar-hong mantra.

Bill Harris: Master Sha, that was really wonderful. I’m sure that there are many details about what you did that people will probably have trouble remembering, so I’m certain that people will probably go to your website and get your book so that they can learn about it.

You can go to and on his homepage you’ll see a little box that says free remote healing and that’ll explain the Tuesday and Thursday remote healing that he does every week at five o’clock pacific time. And you can also go there and find information about his book, Power Healing and about a number of other things that master Sha offers.

One of the things at Healthy Wealthy nWise that we believe is that people have a very strong power with their intention to manifest outcomes. Do you have a current project or something in your teaching that you would like to have this group help you with, with their intention?

Dr. Sha: This year I want everybody to learn power healing. You can help yourself. The message of power healing is I have the power to heal myself, you have the power to heal yourself, and together we have the power to heal the world.

Bill Harris: Master Sha what is the one, single most important idea that you would like to leave the people with before we finish?

Dr. Sha: I want to leave one sentence with everybody.

You can do it.

Be confident and persistent. Give your love, light, compassion, to others. If everybody applies the love care compassion, world peace will come much faster. Its’ my great honor to serve everyone. Thank you Bill, Chris.

Bill Harris: It’s been an honor to talk to you, Master Sha. Chris, do you have anything else you want to add?

Chris Atwood: Sure. Thank you Bill. Master Sha, from my side as well thank you so much for being with us and Bill, also thank you for being such a great host and co-host to this call. I wanted to be sure that all of our members, our Real Life Legends Club members know that Dr. Sha has made available to you a report which you can download that explains the basic principles of power healing he was talking about tonight and provides the actual instructions for dealing with ten common different ailments including things like headaches, common colds, anxiety, stress management, menopause and a number of others. So for our members those things are available now in the members’ archive.

For those of you who are not yet members, you can receive a recording of this interview so you can actually hear the mantras and all of Master Sha’s wisdom, as well as get a transcript of it and a report from Dr. Sha on the power healing modalities for these ten different ailments when you become a member.

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