Have you ever seen someone disguise himself as a car seat? Sounds silly doesn't it, but not long ago there was a story in the paper about a man who was attempting to illegally cross the border into America by disguising himself as a car seat.

As I stared at the picture in the paper I couldn't help laughing. It was hard to believe. I kept wondering, "How could he think he really looked like a car seat, and why did he think he could get away with it?"

And then it struck me that we are just like that guy. We disguise ourselves as human when in Reality we are Spiritual.

I had a vision of how those who are totally aware that we are Spiritual, might stare at our human disguise and wonder, "what are they thinking?"

Isn't it obvious that most of the time we are not thinking we are Spiritual?

We look in the mirror and see – human. A man disguised as a car seat would have a heck of a time trying to do anything at all. Everything would be an effort. We – disguised as a human – have the same problem.

About the same time that I saw the picture of the man disguised as a car seat, my husband and I were visiting a new town trying to decide, "should we move here?" We did all the "dirt work." We circled the town from 5 minutes from the heart of it, to 20 minutes and then to 1 hour out. We read, talked and thought about it. And the more we did, the more confused and unhappy we become.

As two humans trying the make a decision the thoughts and discussion went like this – "It's bigger than we thought – but it has much more to offer than we thought – the kids would love it – the kids will have too big of an adjustment – we don't know anybody – think of all the great new people we will meet" – and on and on and on and on.

What do we do when disguised as a human in situations like this?

We could either be "stubborn" by seeing only one side of the issue saying, "This is how it is," or "open" and see two sides but then not be able to decide which is most important. Either way, the discussion and decision usually isolates or confuses, but doesn't really solve the problem.

What would happen if we dropped the disguise – looked in the mirror and saw the reflection, thought, expression and outcome of Divine Intelligence? Without the human disguise there would be nothing to be confused about.

As Spirit the discussion might be something like this: "We know we are always in our perfect place because Spirit is omnipresent and omniscient. Home is the qualities of love, commitment, compassion, honor, encouragement, safety, warmth, creativity, etc."

We might continue by knowing that these qualities are Spiritual and are all of what we are, now and forever. The result would then be the practical representation of those qualities evident in our lives now – expressed as the perfect town, home, work etc.

Without the human disguise we would see that all we need to do is BE Spiritual, following the still small voice as it guides us each moment of the day.

As a Spiritual being it would not be necessary to know exactly what will happen – a month – a year – or a lifetime from now. It would not be necessary to control any situation.

In our case, the outcome of choosing this Spiritual Perception was we heard the still small voice tell us that wonderful town was not the place for us. Continuing to acknowledge the Spiritual qualities of home brought us just two months later to another wonderful town that we now call home.

It's hard to wear a human disguise and try to cross a border into Heaven. It's much easier just to be what we really are – Spirit. Then it doesn't matter where we appear to live because we will be completely aware that we are really always and forever – living in Heaven with no border to cross.


About the Author

Beca (Lee) Lewis is the Author of Living in Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception


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