The Foundation of Enlightened Wealth – Self-Knowledge


Why are you here? What is the purpose of your life?


Every one of us is faced with this question. Creating great wealth and accomplishing great dreams, requires answers to these questions. In fact, just living a happy, fulfilled life requires answers to these questions. Where do the answers come from? Almost anywhere, and sometimes there are those defining moments . . .


Chris was eighteen, a freshman at UC Santa Barbara (the party school!), when he found himself in the midst of a demonstration of 5,000 students. His was an accidental participation. He saw crowds of students heading to the Admin building and he went along to see what was happening.


Over the following weeks as the demonstrations continued, aimed at reinstating a very popular professor who had been fired (Chris had never heard of the guy before), he learned a lot. He learned about the Viet Nam war, about university policies, about how people were treated in non-violent demonstrations and much more.


Then a month or so later a riot erupted in Isla Vista, the student community next to the university. The Bank of America was burned to the ground as a symbol of capitalist imperialism. Again, Chris was an observer, trying to figure out what was going on. He watched as police in riot gear charged into crowds of young people, wielding their Billy clubs to whack bodies, heads, arms, legs and anything else that moved. And he watched as those young people screamed obscenities, threw rocks and bottles, and finally charged the police in mass causing the police to high tail it out of town.


It was one of those defining moments. What Chris observed was lots of hate, anger and violence, on both sides. It was in that moment he committed himself to doing anything and everything in his power to create a world characterized by love and cooperation, rather than hate and competition.


We all have defining moments in our lives. They are those moments when we are forced to look deeply inside ourselves and sort out what is really important to us.


Every day, every moment of your life, you are being given the chance to see your self more fully. The key question is, are you open to take a look?


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Dharma – The Greatest Secret of Success


How do you find your purpose, your unique gift? Pay attention to the things you love to do. In those are the seeds of your individual destiny. Notice the skills you naturally have and you'll discover another set of clues. Pay attention to your values, the principles that drive your life and the picture starts to take shape.


Chris loves solving problems. He loves to use the computer to create. He loves connecting people and groups who can support each other. He loves to help people see a bigger vision of themselves. He loves the process of transformation, in himself and others. He loves to play and have fun, whether he's working or "recreating."


Today Chris and Janet both live their passions. How do you do that? By being absolutely clear on what's important to you, then making conscious choices in your life to have more of what's more important, and less of what's less important. Sounds simple, doesn't it. It's only simple when you're clear.

"When you are clear, what you want will show up in your life, and only to the extent you are clear." – Janet Attwood, The Passion Test: Discovering Your Personal Secrets to Living a Life on Fire.

Dharma is a Sanskrit word, which is sometimes translated in English as "duty." Yet the word duty connotes a burden. It's a heavy word. In contrast, dharma connotes alignment, congruence. It means living life in accord with natural law so that your life supports your own evolution and growth as well as that of those around you. To live your dharma is to live your destiny.


The basis of enlightened wealth is life lived in accord with dharma. Dharmic life depends on Self-knowledge, and that is why we call "Self-knowledge" the foundation of Enlightened Wealth. Such Self-knowledge has two aspects:

  1. Understanding and direct experience of the fundamental unity of life.
  2. Understanding your role, i.e. your destiny, in glorifying life by creating greater abundance through the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and/or material aspects of life. Implicit in this understanding is the knowledge that your destiny is to increase abundance in at least one of these areas.

You are here to glorify this world and those with whom you interact. How will you do that? Look to what you love to do, to the things you are skilled at doing, and the values and principles which define your life, and you will have the clues to your personal destiny.


Living your destiny requires:

  1. Continuing to get more and more clear about who you are, what you care about and what your values are
  2. Staying open, no matter what changes happen in your life

You are unique. No one can give the world what you have to give. Your purpose on this planet is to discover that gift and give it. When you do, you will create more abundance for all of us, mentally, emotionally, physically/materially, and/or spiritually.


Science has made it clear – we are all connected. An action by one creates an effect on all. When you begin to live your destiny, when you begin to give your unique gift, you not only are happier, more fulfilled, and more satisfied in your own life, but you enrich my life as well. And I thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart.


Janet and Chris Attwood run Enlightened Alliances, a marketing company dedicated to creating relationships which improve the world. They work with some of the most successful people in America: Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Robert Allen who has written 5 NY Times best sellers, multimillionaire T. Harv Eker famed for his Millionaire Mind Intensives, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Dr. Pankaj Naram, Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Jay Abraham and others. Visit for more details.