Something different, but something much needed today here on the 75th day (in a row) of The Income Stream.

To the Quaranteam,

If what you see at 8am PT bothers you or makes you feel uncomfortable, I understand. These topics are not always comfortable to think about, but that's all the more reason to think about them and discuss. If it helps any, know that my kids (7 and 10) know I'm doing this on the stream today.

I encourage you to have open and respectful conversations in the group during this hour together. If you'd rather leave, I understand.

I'll be back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled programming, but this is far too important to just sit back without addressing here on the show. We are a community, we are here for each other, and today, I'm learning and educating myself.

Thank you, Team Flynn, and please feel free to share this should it resonate with you.