As we look throughout the world at those who have achieved the most in life. People like Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and Warren Buffett. These are the people who have stretched their imaginations to unforeseen levels. They have dreamt at levels most people have never imagined. Their visions for what is possible stretches so far beyond anything any ordinary person would envision. Many people believe they have gotten lucky. The reality however, is that its that simple skill, of dreaming big, that has guided them to their success, fame, and fortunes.

You see, no one in this world has ever created or accomplished anything without first seeing it in their mind. The greatest achievers in human history have been those with the biggest and boldest goals and dreams. Life as we know it wouldn’t be what it is today without those individuals. But you too can be one of those people who shape the destiny of the world. Through your dreams, goals, and desires you have the power to create something just as extraordinary as the great leaders listed above. Through your dream, through your imagination, your mission and vision will come as soon as you release your perceived limitations, and allow your heart to drive your mind to your dreams.

Imagine what it will be like, when you look back on your accomplishments; when you have the opportunity to turn to all those who told you that you could not accomplish your dream. What will it feel like to turn to those people and smile, as without saying anything more, they know by that twinkle in your eye, you accomplished all you set out to achieve.

True leadership originates in a dream. A vision that calls you to action, that puts you in your unstoppable state of defying every odd that’s against you. The greatest leaders know only the standards set by their dreams of what is truly possible, and the best time to start dreaming big is now. No matter where you are in your life, it is never to early or late to broaden your vision of what’s possible.

Big dreams are where it all starts, from your earliest dreams of becoming an astronaut or baseball player, to your dreams of owning your own business, writing a book, or owning your dream car or home, if you do not dream of it first, you will never actualize it into your life.

Dream big, decide what you need to do to actualize that dream, and hold yourself accountable. I guarantee you massive amounts of abundance will begin flowing into your life by following this three-step system for creating any result you desire.

About the Author:

Justin Sachs, author of Your Mailbox Is Full and founder of the Peak Performance Lifestyles Foundation, works with individuals to develop a positive outlook on life, create a life plan, develop motivating goals, live a healthy lifestyle and more. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, California State Superintendent Jack O’Connell, and many others have recognized him for his success in motivating and inspiring today’s youth and for developing the next generation of leaders. His book, seminars and events, and coaching services are available on his website at