Money. We ALL aspire to have some, but is it for our own “wants?” Is it to pay for our “needs?” Do we use money to help others occasionally? Or is money for some other significant purpose in our lives? What are your reasons to creating wealth? How do you do this?

This will be the most important series you will be reading monthly. Short of winning the lottery or inheriting a fortune, this series will help you make sound financial decisions to creating WEALTH!

You will find good, sound (often taken for granted) financial techniques and strategies based upon my 40+ years of business experience, achieving millionaire status not once, but twice, in two separate industries, and working with America’s Top business owners. These business owners are my clients. They run companies between $2 – $400m in annual sales who are members of my ADVISORY COUNCIL’s. These techniques are not for the “get-rich-quick” thinkers, but for those that want to build long term and sustainable wealth. These monthly concepts will be legitimate and proven wealth creation techniques I present month after profitable month to America’s Top business owners and now being presented to you.

What do I expect from you? Two things: 1) study and learn what I am sharing with you, and 2) APPLY the knowledge! What a novel idea. Actually, this is the most important step in creating wealth, or anything else you want to achieve for that matter. And when you’ve used the ideas in this new series, I’d appreciate you writing to me directly and tell me how I’ve helped you.

Perhaps you’ve daydreamed about owning luxurious foreign cars, owning multiple large homes, or even having a dependable butler, one whose sole objective is to complete household errands and running a efficiently run home. Of course your butler would wear black creased suits and ties with a distinguished British accent.

Another word for butler is “STEWARD“. According to Webster’s Dictionary, a “steward” is: 1) one employed in a large household or estate to manage domestic concerns (as the supervision of servants, collection of rents, and keeping of accounts), 2) shop steward, 3) a fiscal agent, 4a) an employee on a ship, airplane, bus, or train who manages the provisioning of food and attends passengers, b) one appointed to supervise the provision and distribution of food and drink in an institution, 5) one who actively directs affairs (manager).

Another frequently used term is “stewardship,” or someone who handles money wisely and gives regularly to charity. I’d like you to consider you are only “managing” money for a temporary basis. Why temporary? Because your time to accumulate, use, and distribute is for a short time in the overall scheme on how long you physically live on earth. The better equipped you are at “managing money,” albeit initially in small amounts, the better off you will be at creating WEALTH.

If we are only managing money on a temporary basis what is your objective then for creating WEALTH and how do you go about doing it? I can’t answer your personal “WHY?” reasons for wanting to create wealth. I strongly suggest taking a break, get a cup of coffee, and journal the reasons you come up with. Your answers will say a lot about how you think about wealth and those that accumulate it. I can however share the “HOW” do you create wealth? ANSWER: With wise, sound, financial decisions one day at a time!

Let’s start with first defining how we view money and wealth. If you took the time to journal, take out your notes and review your thoughts and answers at this time. What messages were you given growing up? Did you believe millionaires worked hard, stayed focused, and did what others didn’t do to become wealthy?


Were they cheaters and thieves and that’s how they became rich? Do you see the difference?

Our beliefs often keep us shackled or bound into our own limitations, therefore creating wealth and the pace in which you achieve it will be much about your beliefs and the need to rise past them if you are to achieve success in this area. Like most things worth climbing for, work and focus will be necessary.

Next month, we’ll be looking at Perceived Mindsets, Spending Decisions, and Growth Processes.

About the Author:

Dr. John (“Dealey”) Carpenter Dealey, International MasterMind expert, business mentor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and self-made millionaire is dedicated to helping people solve problems, finish strong and take their business to the next level.

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