If you’re not achieving the results you want, something isn’t working correctly. How do you find out what the problem is, and what do you do about it?

One of the main reasons many people do not succeed is because they do not know what they want. You need to know in detail what “success” means to you, be clear what it looks like and know how it feels and when you have made it, then set goals to obtain it.

In short, you and your business need to be “fit” to achieve your goals in terms of mind, body and life fitness.

Physical fitness is measured in terms of health, well-being, flexibility, aerobic endurance, stamina and speed. We also have measures for Business and Life fitness.

In all 3 types of fitness there is a basic “survival” type of fitness or a “going to the gym regularly” fitness where you work at it and are getting better results.

At each level – in your mind and body, your business and your life – one thing is clear. The difference is you.

So, how do I build my fitness?

“Fitness” is having the ability and resources to achieve your goals. Whatever you want for yourself, life or business, you create it the same way – the 5 steps outlined in the chapter.

One key I’ll give you for free is to build success using the “Kaizen” philosophy of “continuous improvement”. It is explained in more details in my book but essentially comes down to two things – your habits and a compounding effect over time through taking continuous action and making small improvement to achieve your goals.

The trick is WHERE you should take action! By starting with yourself and your fitness, you will in turn bring changes to your business.

WHAT action should I take? That is easy – the chapter is broken into Mind and Body fitness and then a section of Life Fitness. Both sections have exercises for you to do to build your fitness.

The most important thing is that you do something – get started!


PART 1 Mind/Body Fitness.

Mind fitness is most often overlooked, because it is harder to confront and discipline your mind than your body. Body fitness is visible and is driven by the mind. It is harder to see the results of mind fitness, particularly when the outcome may be creating new habits or a change in habits that you may not even be aware of.

The exercises and examples in the book will help you build mind fitness:

  • Beliefs that serve you instead of sabotaging you
  • Supporting your beliefs by revising your self image
  • Building behaviours and habits to bring the results you want
  • Creating resourceful states instead of letting your “mood” run you – being how you want to be, on your command
  • Setting up your “rules” to win
  • Creating total commitment to produce results through self alignment
  • Modelling success to create the skills or traits you admire in others – the power of modelling the what not the how
  • Creating goals to create a compelling future.

Body fitness in the physical sense may be used as a metaphor for your business. You need the knowledge to eat properly (the right people, money and resources) to sustain your business, and likewise to expend your energy wisely (understanding customer needs, products, advertising). You and your staff need to be “exercised” – developed, trained and given experience. Sometimes your diet needs to be supplemented – new staff, a consultant, or new technology. Just as you have a structure (being your bones, muscles, spine and nervous system), your business has its own structure and supporting systems.

Break through old myths and misunderstandings. This chapter has the keys you need to build your body fitness:

  • Diets don’t work (and neither do budgets).
  • Exercising to expand your abilities
  • Cleanse and take a breath of fresh air
  • Sleep, rest and “sharpen the saw”
  • Creating structural support
  • Making the most of the mind/body connection

PART 2: Life fitness

Imagine getting “fit” in your life so you can better run your business instead of it running you! Impossible! Not if you follow the exercises and principles:

  • Making the time to change. Including the 6 most important steps and guidelines to make more time in your life.
    (principles, prioritising, limits, outcomes, setting aside time and cutting out time wasters).

  • Balancing your self with your business.
  • Successful communication that works with other people.
  • Communication that works for yourself – affirmations.
  • Enlist expert support.

In summary:

This article contains teasers from just one chapter of the new book “Building an Extraordinary Business”.

If you want an Extraordinary Life and Extraordinary Business you will need to take action. Most likely this is not the action you have been taking up until now.

Let me ask you a few questions, based on what you read so far:

  1. Which of these ideas would have the most profound effect on me or my business?
  2. Which of these ideas will I begin to implement TODAY?
  3. What is my first step? Start brainstorming. Call a coach, a gym, a financial planner order a copy of the book…

Call for your complimentary coaching session. Pay in advance for a month of coaching and receive your copy of “Building an Extraordinary Business” for FREE.

Invest 5 minutes today to plan what to do first, how to make changes and identify who you can call to help get you started. Once again, the difference is you.


For more information on these concepts, or to book a business or success coaching session with the author, Joanne Mansell please phone 0416 181 654. The first half hour consultation is complimentary.


Joanne is a co-author of “Building an extraordinary business” see www.kaizencoaching.com.au for more information about the book, and for copies of her other small business articles.

Joanne Mansell, Kaizen Coaching – “Mind, Body, Life Fitness”