Never has their been a time where there have been more courses, books to read and workshops dedicated to universal energy and technical details on how to manifest our humanity at its best.

Whilst this is indeed a very good thing, it tends to make us feel that somehow it is complicated, that the next book will hold the key, unlocking us from our fearful lives lived in lack; destined to always be looking for the guiding star or the vision we feel we singly have been somehow denied in the making of mankind.

The truth is so much more reassuring – we are born with this knowledge, it is instilled in every cell of our being and never leaves. A newborn baby has the shine and sense of desire and wish for experience that we should all have and to look into their eyes is to fully experience the Divine in human form. They are focused on advancement from this early age and never give up. Never allowing perceived failure to crumble their path. Watching them struggle as they take on each new step is both heartbreaking and inspiring – we will them to succeed and they do. A baby never sits on the floor and decides he is not good enough to walk, it is for others but not for him. He battles and falls and often sustains injury in the process of growing into what he clearly desires for himself. It is the same with talking – frustration at not being understood apart from the intuition of family around him adds fuel to his determination. So it is and we watch enthralled as now the toddler is talking and walking. It is just a short time of success for this little human however, the next years will be taken over by the words “sit down” and “be quiet” as we go into the phase of making them all the same in school and removing their uniqueness.

Children connect with their inner divinity and only see the things that are helpful or desirable to them. Their wishes are clear and their goals well defined and failure is not an option until we begin to tell them they cannot have what they want. The parents it seems think they can however, as they want the child to be good and that does not, apparently, count as a want! Wanting world peace is a want; why should children not want? This is the start of the limiting values and beliefs that we impose and which have become our own burdens as we struggle with childhood limitations and often excessive boundaries.

There is a bumper sticker that says, “Let God be your pilot” and some have said it should read, “let God be your co-pilot!” I disagree, God should be your pilot – God is the only one qualified. However, it is up to each and every one of us to know where our desired destination is and this should be illuminated by our skill sets. That will be the shortest route to the fastest success as it is the soul work for which we were intended.

When I use the word God I do so in a universal way rather than a religious way. It is a word I tend to steer away from as it brings up division rather than unity and I will, for the rest of this article replace it with Source. I personally do not believe that anybody has a more direct access to Source than anybody else and I think it fair to consider that we are the same and brothers and sisters regardless of creed! Religion may be part of your experience too, but this is about our very being.

Source is all there is. That is it. So what about me? The individual, the character, the unique being that I am? We are both; acting on behalf of the Source energy to experience and allow growth within the body of Source itself. Source does not divide as such, yet we are each a spark of that energy but with unique experiences which are driven by our past, present and future. Now this is where it is necessary to see Source in everything and everyone, as there is nothing else. It is easy to imagine this in nature (Source being the hunter and the hunted) and in the planets, the science and mathematics, which make it all, happen, but to see it in others and inanimate objects is more of a challenge. It is easy when accepted however, and the furniture in your home is made of molecules which are formed from the Source energy……therefore it has to be a part of the All. Indeed it is this fact that allows us to manifest inanimate objects for ourselves.

We are each essential for the growth of the experience of this energy and our creativity is key to the process. We are not born to be modest or hide our lights and strengths; that is almost to insult the plan. Our unique sets of skills are what should drive us to our destinies. All too often these are squashed in childhood, albeit often unintentionally, yet with the idea of capping our hopes so they will not be dashed by others! How paradoxical that is! Yet if the desire is there in a child it is probable that the potential is too. Maybe not in the vision exactly as it is seen at that time, yet the will should lead the soul to its passion in some form.

As a Life Coach, I am completely bewildered and saddened by how many people I work with who have no idea of their creativity and have forgotten their dreams. They become robotic, socially hypnotised and eventually often sick and depressed. When they remember the Source within and the original callings, often symptoms are relieved almost instantly. It is literally re-minding them. An example I shall use to illustrate is a lady bank manager with a life many would envy. Happily married, two lovely children and a career, yet she was seriously depressed and was short-tempered with her nearest. She had no idea what was wrong and it troubled and frightened her greatly. It transpired through the process that when she was a little girl she wanted to be a singer, but her mother’s look of embarrassment when she sang had put an end to the dream. Her mother had passed on and so I had her sing to her mother in her mind and her mother reacting positively. Then to have her record her voice clothed, then naked! (Alone!) That may sound odd but we are nearer Source when we remove the props that define us as our human selves. The sweetness in her voice naked, surprised her and she tapped into that, clothed from then on! Within weeks she joined a local band. This was her hobby and she was not trying to win Pop Idol, it was sufficient acknowledging that part of her. She allowed Source to sing for her and she touched the hearts of many souls who heard her. It lifted her mood, her depression and she found joy again.

Here is the point, burying that part of us which is crying out to be acknowledged is bound to cause us pain and often it is a forgotten part of us, yet it is a Source-driven energy and has to emerge for us to be the well-rounded people we yearn to be. Indeed created ourselves to be.

When outstanding people perform, whether it is Einstein, Michelangelo, da Vinci, Mozart, they are tapping into the inner Source and allowing that part of them to do the work. We, as our human selves, are not able to access that level of information on our own. Many of these people have openly declared that their inspiration came from external influences. They open themselves up to inspiration and ALLOW Source to drive them. The will and desire is theirs and they have found their chosen path and that is the human work, then hand over to the power within us all and let that complete the task. We ride on the back of All That Is and should enjoy the journey. We make it too difficult as we restrict ourselves to that which we cannot hope to see.

Source will find partners for our business, set up synchronicities and do all the backstage work we could ever need or want for our chosen goals. All that is required of the human individual is to know what he wants and what his skills are that are totally unique to him and the rocks will be moved from the road with joy at the allowing of this partnership.

This is the birthright of every single person, not just a handful who claim to have a message up their sleeve. It is all we need to ever know. There is a saying “Let go, let God” and it should be the mantra of everyone at all times. When we let go we stop resisting, Source can work through us. When we are in resistance, we induce stress and the cells become busy with the body as the strains on our systems cause overload. Our minds shrink into a reduced capacity instead of riding out as frequency signals, connecting with others. We are all one and by allowing Source to take the reigns we have access to all knowledge and minds anywhere. Letting go is key, yet society has it that we are always having to try harder, do more. We are congruent when in our BEing not just our DOing.

Sceptics will say they want proof and I am all for healthy scepticism. My answer to that is to ask for your own proof. It will come in a way that ensures you KNOW it through experience. It will be personalised and relevant to your specific need. We cannot prove love and yet we all know it, so it is foolish to wait for someone to try to provide their evidence. So ask and soon it will be yours.

Everyone has times when they have said or done something and thought “Wow! I didn’t know I could do that!” or “gosh, how did I know to say that at just the right time!” That is when you have allowed Source into your life, even for a brief moment. To live in that is to transform your life entirely and speedily, bringing joy and a sense of purpose.
To help find your sense of purpose if it remains buried from your vision is The Passion Test. It will help locate your skills and strengths and thereby ease the path to union with all the help you could ever need.

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