Connect with Source


Daily stress getting to
you? Want more peace and joy in your life? With terrorism, layoffs and
pollution, can you feel safe and happy? Yes, you can-by tapping into Divine
Source. We each have our own personal portal to the security, love, money and
health we desire.


During many years of
observing others and myself searching for fulfillment, I've noticed an essential
ingredient is often missing. I call this ingredient Direct Connection with
Source, or God. Without this quality in its authentic form, no folks I know have
been able to achieve the contentment they're seeking.

Throughout the years of
assisting others and myself to feel truly joyous and free, I’ve watched people
try to ignore, deny or rationalize away the importance of having a reliable,
genuine link with Source. I’ve witnessed friends and clients attempt to fake it,
substitute for it, and try to steal and borrow it from others. All these efforts
have been in vain. Their time and energy would have been put to better use by
focusing on allowing this quality to become a solid, personal reality in their
life. In my experience, the conscious state of Connection with Divine Source is
absolutely critical for genuine, lasting satisfaction in the Earth journey.


Ego's Conspiracy


When you genuinely recognize
the fundamental truth of your own inescapable Connection with Source, the gig is
up! The whole charade of separation is exposed as a lie-and, in fact, as an
impossibility. This revelation is a death knoll for the aspect of you that tries
to destroy your joy by threatening you with disapproval, disease and death.


This part of you that
doesn’t want to give “up the ghost” (the illusion of separation) is variously
referred to as the ego, mind, intellect, conditioning, programming or
personality. This aspect of you bought into the common social experience that
we're separate and disconnected from God.


Truth Revealed


In reality, nothing could be
further from the truth. You're an eternal being, whether you like it or not,
whether you're aware of it or not! And having a personal direct connection to
Source is a way to experience for yourself beyond doubt that you have an
everlasting permanency!


Re-Connect on All Levels


This shift of attention
cannot be just a mental exercise. You need to make a wholesale re-identification
of your entire being with a personal everyday Connection with Source. This
re-identification must be fully integrated on the emotional, spiritual,
biological and molecular levels. And it's crucial you create direct, first-hand,
tangible and repeatable evidence that you have a permanent union with God.  


The benefit of this
personal, factual validation takes Source from the realm of the ideal to the
reality of the practical. When you prove your Source nature to yourself
repeatedly, at will, on your own terms, in your own way, and in your world, then
it becomes real for you. 


Your Freedom


The whole process of
accepting your Connection with Divine Source snowballs in the direction of
freedom. The more time you spend in the vibration of personal power- Connection
with Source, the easier it becomes to keep all your attention there. Soon, you
find yourself living every day in an ocean of Infinite Supply. You have returned
to the joyful state of Connection with Source.


How Do I Connect to Source?


1. One very effective way to
experience Connection with Source is to use the complete recall of intuition.
Intuition is the aspect of our consciousness that can remind us accurately,
without ego filters or bias, of everything that has ever happened to us in our
lifetime. Using intuitive, meditative, shamanic soul journeying, you can guide
yourself to experientially re-connect with peak moments in your life when you
did directly experience the vibration, energy and reality of Connection with
Source-moments when you knew with certainty your true nature of personal


2. Spend as much time in Nature as possible
each day. Go to the country, a city park or your backyard. Walk barefoot in the
grass. Garden. Let the wind, sun and rain affect you, touch you.


3. Engage in active, physical activities that
you find centering, grounding, energizing and fun! … And, therefore, enlivening
your fundamental, base line vibration of connection. The more you participate in
life, the more life will flow through you. Walk, hike, run, swim, cook, play
music, sing, skydive, quilt, fly a kite, hang with kids and animals.


4. Take some time each day to enjoy silence-so
that you can hear Spirit when it speaks to you. This can be an active
meditation-like yoga, tai-chi, walking or running-as well as a sitting or
non-active mediation. The key here is to spend time not using your ego mind.


5. Hang out with people focused on the same
intention as you: expanding their awareness, opening their heart and activating
their higher frequencies. You can do this through friends and many social or
spiritual groups. Go to a workshop or life coaching with a spiritual mentor.


6. Play at life. Play with life. Play in life …
rather than plan, calculate or manipulate.


In these ways your internal
pilot light will be continually re-lit. Your eternal inner fire of power,
passion and permanence will burn more brightly. 


The Fun Snowballs Upwards!


As you come alive again
within, you naturally attract more outer evidence of your ability to source
everything you desire in life. As you begin to vibrate at the frequency of
Connection with Source in your everyday life, you attract more personal, direct
evidence that you are always (all ways) in union with God. Remember, like
vibration attracts and creates like vibration. 


The more experientially
convincing it becomes to you that you are connected with Source-and in charge of
your own energy and survival-the more you will keep your creative attention
focused on the realness of your own Connection with Source. As more attention
remains focused on your true personal power, less attention is available to slip
back into energizing old patterns of separation and powerlessness. Old fears of
victimhood, insecurity and loneliness diminish and eventually dissolve from lack
of sustaining attention.


You become self-sustaining. You allow others to
do whatever they choose. You authentically offer others the space to be just as
they are. You become more able to give the gift of total acceptance,
unconditional love. Life becomes a lot more fun!


Break on
through to Source


Connecting to Source is a fun and easily attainable state-since it is, after
all, our natural state of being. Give it a chance. Relax that grip on your old
picture of yourself and what you think is life is about. That's all it takes to
re-activate your direct link to the Oneness of all life!



the Author:


Drawing from the wisdom of native and ancient spiritual traditions, Keith Varnum
shares his 30 years of practical success as an author, personal coach,
acupuncturist, filmmaker, radio host, restaurateur, vision quest guide and
international seminar leader with "The Dream Workshops". Keith helps people get
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