Create – Develop action plans (business/marketing and product/service plans) and explore all opportunities to improve exposure and increase client base: profits will follow. Clearly convey the purpose and benefits of your product(s) and/or services.

Computer – Immediately develop a web presence. You'll have an unlimited slate to promote your products and services. Market the site properly and you'll open up unlimited revenue potential.

Collaborate – Never hesitate to donate your products or services to non-profit organizations. Consider making special agreements with beneficial business alliances. You'll feel great and you'll open up additional opportunities for referrals.

Crossroad – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! You'll constantly have to make decisions that will have long-term effects, so bounce thoughts off more knowledgeable individuals or hire a business consultant. You'll save yourself unnecessary stress and money in the long run.

Commitment – It's your opportunity to make your mark, so give it your all! Take the plunge, have no regrets and realize that you have to spend money to make money.

Compensation – Determine your clients' needs and budget before discussing fees. Don't give away the farm (in discounts). If you're dealing with a credible client short on cash and you believe in the potential of what they're selling, develop a payment plan.

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About the Author: J.P. Riley, President of Rising Star Strategies has over 20 years of business development and promotional profit building experience. Mr. Riley can be reached at 203 564-1924/East Coast or 310 242-6696 West Coast.