Bad habits are what make us human, but there is always room for improvement. While it is impossible to be flawless, the lesser the flaws are the better it is. Bad habits are often not only a source of discomfort for us; they may annoy others as well. One should always strive for self-improvement, and bad habits should be eradicated as soon as possible. Not only will this make you a better person, it will also improve your personal and social life. You can always get rid of them for good. Here’s how:

Welcome criticism:

While negative feedback always stings a little and may be upsetting, it also gives you the chance to recognize and accept your imperfections and to work on them. Instead of getting angry when people point out a fault, learn to listen. This is a good way to become aware of habits that you did not even realize you had. Once you have listened to what people have to say about you, you can start working on the negatives to break bad habits and make yourself a better person.

Judge yourself as you judge others:

The first step towards becoming better is to acknowledge your flaws. Even if people aren’t giving you negative remarks to your face, you can find out what your bad habits are by yourself. Evaluate yourself like you would evaluate a stranger. Think carefully and try to see how you come across to other people. Try to put yourself in other people’s shoes to figure out what habits you have that might be irksome or annoying and sometimes even hurtful. Once you have discovered the habits you need to change, you are already on the path to improvement. Seeing things from other people’s point of view will drive you harder to break a habit permanently.

Have willpower:

Be strong. Sometimes it may seem impossible to abstain from something you have been doing your whole life. At times like these, tell yourself that you are doing this for your own good, and that you will be a better person for it at the end of the day. If you are tempted to do something out of habit and can’t seem to resist, you don’t need to quit cold turkey. Gradually and slowly ease yourself out of the bad habit until it has gone.

Be patient:

Patience is the key to most of life’s problems, and breaking a bad habit is no different. Give yourself time to eliminate the bad habit. The stronger the habit, the harder it is to quit, so be patient. If at first you don’t see results, don’t give up trying. Continue reasoning with yourself and resisting the temptation of giving up. Eventually if you persist, you will find you don’t have to resist as hard as you had to before, and soon you will be free of your bad habit.

Angel Alvaro is an expert online author.

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