Have you ever wondered why your business isn’t as successful as you thought it could be…?

Or if you haven’t really gotten off the ground yet, why you just can’t seem to get it moving…?

Have you been frustrated, tired and discouraged?

It’s not your fault…

I felt exactly the same way…

When my partner and husband Ric and I got started in the entrepreneurial world almost 17 years ago, to say we were utterly clueless about how to build a successful business would have been a MASSIVE understatement!

We didn’t know much about marketing or sales. We had no idea about how to manage other people. We thought strategy was something you needed to play chess. And we certainly didn’t know the first thing about how to make sure that at the end of the month, we were actually making money.

And it showed…

The fact is, we didn’t even know what we didn’t know.

But as odd as it might sound, that wasn’t really the problem.

Not knowing how to build a successful business wasn’t really the cause of some of our most spectacular business failures – and believe me some of them were SPECTACULAR.

And not knowing wasn’t the cause of our 12 year business education in the School of Hard Knocks. What we later came to call the recovery period.

The real problem wasn’t what we didn’t know-it was actually what we thought we did know about business… that just wasn’t true.

We started by busting some of the biggest myths about business that we had learned from TV and the Big Screen. After we busted the myths we began to see deeper to an even more sinister problem that we’ll talk about later. But before we get there we need to start at the beginning and start busting the myths in YOUR life.

And that’s the reason we created the Hollywood Business Myths-Busted ! report to dispel some of the biggest myths about business that are stealing the dreams and freedom of entrepreneurs just like you and me and keeping people in financial slavery.

These days Ric and I live the lifestyle of our dreams, doing what we want pretty much when we want, going on really cool trips to exotic places all over the world, and spending quality time with family and friends. At the same time we have created and run the largest personal development magazine on the net with the longest ongoing personal development teleseminar series in the world.

It’s been a process, it’s been hard, it didn’t happen overnight, and frankly, we would be light-years ahead of where we are now if it hadn’t been for the boatload of B.S. we had floating around in our heads about business. B.S. that was, on the surface, fed to us year after year by Hollywood , the media, and the people around us.

src="monthly/images/mythcoverfinal.jpg"(If you haven’t read the Myth report yet, go to http://www.BusinessMythBusters.com and get your copy RIGHT NOW! Your success very likely depends on it – this is some serious stuff).

We ended up falling for most of the myths we busted in that report (and a whole lot more). And it took years of trial, error, and frustration (not to mention more than half a million dollars…) to separate the fact from fiction… and to clear the obstacles standing between us and building a truly successful business.

src="monthly/images/chain-gang-small.jpg"We still work hard, but we choose to, and it’s a different kind of hard work – it’s the kind that leaves you energized and feeling like you’ve moved mountains to create a new world – rather than feeling like you’re part of a chain gang breaking big rocks into little rocks with no purpose all day long…

And we’re fed up with seeing entrepreneurs just like you struggle like a worm on a hook because of the very same issues that held us back all those years.

Because of that we’ve started NO BS.

It’s our goal to do everything possible to give you a way out. To show you the truth about how business really works. And to get you where you want to go more quickly, with less effort and a whole lot less frustration.

So if you’re serious about absolutely transforming your life and experiencing true freedom by building the business of your dreams, then there are a few more things we’ll be sharing with you over the next few weeks (like the reason you can even believe the Myths in the first place and how to cure yourself of that problem forever, for starters).

But right now, one of the big lessons we’ve learned is that there is something to learn from EVERYONE – not just the gurus.

So if you can relate, take a few minutes to post a comment on our blog at www.nobsbusiness.com your biggest take-away, or even some of the myths (business or otherwise) you’ve had to deal with on your journey to success – remember most of them will be hiding in the guise of tried and true advice – usually from people who’ve never had a real or successful business in their lives…

To get you started here are a few more of the ones I had to BUST on my own…

Find a need and fill it – BOGUS ! People don’t buy what they need, they buy what they WANT and then justify it as a need.

If people bought what they NEEDED all those network marketers selling health supplements would be rich and the makers of Pepsi and Doritos would be out of business.

The Customer is always right – NOT Sometimes the customer is just plain psychotic or a time waster and they need to be fired.

That doesn’t mean to ignore or marginalize a customer’s problems or complaints – you can learn a lot about how to better serve your market when you listen to your customers, especially the ones with legitimate problems and issues. And never forget that good customers are your lifeblood.

With that in mind, there are a certain percentage of people who will buy your product or service who are mentally unstable, impossible to satisfy, or just should not have bought it in the first place. Get rid of them (nicely) – those people would probably be better off being the customer of one of your competitors .

It’s not fair to have other people do the crappy jobs – B.S. ! The definition of CRAPPY is completely in the eyes of the beholder.

When Ric and I first started Healthy Wealthy nWise Magazine, we did EVERYTHING ourselves, from the editing and physically creating the magazine each month, to the JVs and product creation. You name it – we did it.

It got to a point where it was just not possible to do it all anymore, so reluctantly we hired the first person to help us and passed off some of the crappy work – that quickly turned into a team that today consists of more than 32 other people.

But the most surprising moment for me was when the woman who is now my editorial director came to me and said that she absolutely LOVED putting the magazine together every month. From the selection of the articles to overseeing the publication deadlines, it was the biggest thrill for her and she was honored to have the job impacting people’s lives by the content she chose.

That made me stop and think…

I HATED putting the magazine together every month – I love the results it gets for people, but everything that she loved I absolutely despised. I thought that was the CRAPPY work that I was passing off. I didn’t realize that I was the crappy person for the job.

Keep in mind that there is always someone out there who absolutely LOVES to do the things that you hate – find them and hire them to do it. When you concentrate on doing the things you love and have other people helping you who love what they do too, then your business will grow by leaps and bounds.

OK enough about me and what I’ve learned – help us all out and tell us what YOU’VE learned at www.nobsbusiness.com