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Those of us who make a living on the Internet often think a little too hard for our own good. We spend hours and hours looking for solutions to technical challenges or finding the hottest traffic strategy, shortcut or ‘magic pill’ to help us get better results. We plot, plan and research in the hopes of devising new strategies for profitability. In doing so, we can often lose track of some of the most important lessons in the process.

We’re talking about simple truths that have built many successful small businesses back in the days when computers were still several decades away from being gymnasium-size. Yes, the old days. It was a time when you couldn’t rely on the latest ‘fad’ or change in pay per click landing page guidelines to make a living. In fact, to test a marketing campaign, you had to write a letter on
paper, put a postage stamp on it, and then put it in the mail. Hard earned money was put on the line with every word and action.

And although today we’re at one of the greatest times in human history, those were times when you really had to focus on what mattered…

Today some of the core lessons in business gets lost.

Sell The Sizzle, Not the Steak

One lesson that often seems lost today is the need for a great product or service. So many people in business and especially in the Internet marketing community have been told “sell the sizzle, not the steak” so much so, that they’ve gone off the deep-end, worrying about marketing strategies and the quality of their copy and leaving the actual product as an afterthought.
In time, that lack of commitment will significantly kill the bottom line.

Back in the old days, it worked a little differently. It started with a quality product or a service. The thinking of the ‘old timers’ was simple. “If I sell something really good, I’ll build a business.” That simple premise is more true today that at any point in history.

Combine that idea with this ‘old fashioned’ belief: “If I do a good job taking care of the customer, they’ll keep coming back for more.” The best form of advertising has always been word of mouth advertising. The first step in building momentum in your word of mouth advertising is to take care of the customer.

The quick-hit attitude of many business owners today is a common mistake that unnecessarily puts them on a non-stop marketing treadmill having to churn to get new customers, and never building something for the long term.

In its simplest sense, you plant an apple seed, you water it, you make sure it gets sunshine, you pull the weeds around it, and with time, you get an apple tree that produces ripe apples for years to come.

So plant your seeds… create a product that is the very best in your industry. Water that seed… provide the support to those who are using that product. The seeds are thirsty and they need water to grow, like and trust you. Give that seed some sunshine with basic communication, appreciation, and respect. Repeat these steps and in time, you’ve got an apple tree that feeds you apples for a lifetime.

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