Build your confidence and you will trust your instincts, your inner wisdom, instead of questioning your feelings. Which has the upper hand in your life, your logical mind or your emotions? Do you feel confidence and mentally strong or in need of reassurance?

Build Confidence. Gain mental strength. We know this is what we need to be both happy and successful. Nevertheless, we all look for guarantees from time to time.

We would like to be reassured of such things as definitely passing exams or a relationship definitely working out well, and so on. We often lack self belief and question ourselves as to whether or not we are doing the right thing or making the correct decision. Frequently, as well, we would like to be told what to do instead of trusting ourselves to make the best choices.

If only we had the confidence to know the answers to these types of questions, we think, life would be so much easier. But would it really make life easier if we had prior knowledge of the future or guaranteed reactions to our actions? Perhaps, if this were the case, life would be excruciatingly boring and we would then be wishing for something unexpected to create interest in our days! We do have an occasional habit of wanting that which we cannot have.

When you think about guarantees in life, you inevitably begin to question what the purpose of life is. If you believe, as I do, that life is meant to be a learning curve and an opportunity to grow as a spiritual being, then you would appreciate that to have guarantees would effectively put up barriers to this intent. When you have high self confidence you stop looking for guarantees and instead enjoy the journey.

Whether your beliefs align with mine or not, the fact remains that there are no absolute guarantees in life and no matter how much you bemoan this reality, it will not change. There is no point in fighting against facts, as this only serves to add frustration to your experience of life. Frustration acts in a negative and restrictive way, holding you back and preventing you from moving forwards and growing as a person. Frustration disappears as your self confidence builds.

When faced with a situation where you simply cannot have a guaranteed outcome, the best you can do is to arm yourself well with relevant data and make an informed choice based upon the information collated and your own gut instinct. You have to have the self belief and confidence to trust those instincts.

I also like to ask my Spirit Guides for their input and assistance, and find that this is a great help and comfort; in fact, I find this to be the closest sign of a “guarantee” which one can obtain. This also provides me with greater inner strength, self-belief and builds confidence in my decisions.

What actually happens in life is that what you expect to happen tends to come to fruition; such is the power of your own mind and the importance of doing everything which you can to build your self-confidence. Thus if you are searching for guarantees, the most powerful thing of all is to harness the innate abilities of your own mind and focus clearly upon the things which you wish to transpire.

You should involve your imagination as vividly as possible in this process as this will engage your emotions more fully in the process and thereby add more force and power. Your mental focus becomes clearer and your self-belief and confidence is empowered by the vividness of your emotional experience.

And so, for me personally, when I am seeking reassurance as to a decision to me made, I follow certain steps, namely –

– Gather information and view it from a distance so as to see it as logically as possible.

– Pay attention to any emotional reactions and instinctive feelings.

– Ask Spirit Guides for their help, their guidance, and wait for their response. (I usually ask for a sign, an image, and this comes to me almost like a dream or a mini-movie sequence.)

– Having made a decision on which way to proceed, I use hypnosis to reinforce how I want to think, feel and act and to involve my imagination as much as possible to fully visualize the desired outcome.

In this way you can build confidence as much as possible in yourself and your own instincts. You engage the innate power of your own mind to pave your way to success and happiness. (If you do not have similar Spiritual beliefs, you could of course skip this step. That is a matter of personal preference.)

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