Having acne or pimples is a really natural thing. Almost everyone probably suffered from a breakout at some point in their lives. This of course usually occurs around teenage years when the body is still undergoing many changes and hormone levels are going up and down. And although common to teens, it may still be normal for people to continue experiencing acne throughout their adult years.

What may not seem so normal for many people however is when acne appears someplace else where they are least expected. Many still have the notion that pimple or acne is something that should only found on the face. Finding a breakout around the neck area is also quite normal.

But what if suddenly you start seeing the same red bump in your back area? They may also appear around your chest, your shoulders, and even your arms. Are these normal? Of course, body acne is not as common or as prevalent as facial acne but it is definitely normal to happen. Many people from all ages suffer from body acne.

Normally, some people do not mind having this condition at all especially in the case of men. This is because body acne can simply be hidden under clothes. Unlike facial acne, it is there for the entire world to see. So often, body acne ends up untreated. Some people simply do not mind the condition.

However, leaving body alone can aggravate the situation. While it is only in its earlier stages, it should be easier to treat. But when it is left alone, it could spread to wider areas and become more noticeable as it may start crawling up from the shoulders up to the neck area. It can become quite an unsightly infestation. Therefore, it is highly advisable to get body acne treatment.

Also, while most guys usually do not mind the condition, it is not the case for most ladies. Men wear clothes that usually have sleeves so hiding the scars left by body acne is easy. But for the ladies, a worsened body acne condition can limit choice of clothes such as spaghetti straps, tubes, and backless dresses.

Alright, so body acne is really quite a hindrance. So you might want to ask, what exactly causes this condition? Well, it is not really rocket technology. Basically, the cause is just the same with the facial acne. As to why it spread to beyond just your face may be due to factors like hygiene, lifestyle, and hormonal activity.

The formation of body pimple starts when the pores where hair follicles grow are blocked by comedogens. When this happens, oil produced by the sebaceous gland is blocked and becomes unable to reach the skin surface. This gives bacteria time to react on the oil formation and cause infection. This infection leads to the inflammation which becomes the pimple itself.

When it comes to treatment, it is also quite similar as with the case of facial acne. Regular bathing removes dirt that might block pores, occasional exfoliation gets rid of dead skin build up, and ingredients like salicylic acid can help dry up the pimples. For better treatment, it may be best to consult a dermatologist.

There are, of course, many ready made products on the market that can help a great deal with body acne. We have personal experience of several of these and can report that we saw excellent results.

Now that you are armed with this information you will be able to make a better decision about the best products for you.

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