Eric Butterworth wrote a
book called “In the Flow of Life”. In it, he said 'As the removal of earth by a
farmer digging a ditch, opens up a channel for water to flow to his crops, so
does the removal of obstacles by the student, open up a channel of energy to
flow into his being.'


This quote got me thinking.
Here in Texas, we call something that interrupts the natural flow of things a
Block Rock. A 'Block Rock' can be something that causes disruptions anywhere in
your life – in your physical world, your emotional arena or even in your
spiritual realm.

Recently, I was watching the 1993 classic movie, 'Tombstone' about part of
marshal Wyatt Earp’s life. Many people consider this to be one of the five best
westerns ever made. In this movie, Wyatt arrived in Tombstone and heard the
story of the Oriental Saloon.


As the movie goes, one day,
months earlier, a bully had arrived in town and took up residence in the saloon.
With his obnoxious and dangerous ways, he ran off all the good clientele from
the once thriving Oriental Saloon and the flow of business and profits dried up.

Now, let’s look at this again and see what happened from a different
perspective. This bully had, in effect, become a giant Block Rock to the owner.
He dropped into the stream of business and upset the natural flow of abundance
in the Oriental Saloon.


In this example, the normal
flow was for a great quantity of customers and other profits to pour into the
Oriental Saloon. Our hero, Wyatt Earp, arrived on the scene, identified and
removed the Block Rock, thereby re-opening the channel to restore the flow of
abundance and profits.


The moral of this story is
that from time to time, in every business, and in every life, a Block Rock will
fall. Is it possible that you might have a Block Rock restricting the flow in
some part of your life?


Most of the time everything
in our lives works great. So, when a Block Rock falls into your life, you see it
and just remove it. But, Block Rocks come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes
they are hard to find. Often you will see the results of the obstacle before you
actually see the problem and you will notice a restriction or that things seem
to be harder to accomplish than normal.


When the flow is gradually
choked off, it is much harder to recognize. Sometimes, one Block Rock falls and
you leave it there, thinking 'that's not so bad'. What then happens is that
another Block Rock falls and you ignore that one too. If this pattern continues,
with another and another block falling, all of a sudden you are faced with a
really big Block Rock problem and the bigger they are, the harder they are to


Remember another old
proverb… "A stitch in time saves nine".  What this proverb means is that it's
always a good idea to take action as soon as you recognize a constriction in the
flow of your life.  


Many times a Block Rock
will appear to be one thing, when in reality it will be something else entirely.
Correct identification of the Block Rock is often 50 percent (or more) of the
solution.  This means it is always good to step back from a situation that is
troubling you and look at it from a distance and from different perspectives.


Ask a friend or co-worker
what they see. For particularly troublesome situations, call together one or two
trusted friends to form a mini-mastermind group to come up with creative
solutions and once you see the situation more clearly, list several alternatives
to dig out your Block Rock. Then, ask your mastermind team to help you figure
out which way will work best.


After you have identified
your Block Rock and have chosen a solution, then you need to take action!  As
soon as you remove your Block Rock, your flow of abundance and profits will be
restored with ease and grace.


Today is a good day to
check and see if there is a part of your life that might have a Block Rock
disturbing the natural flow of abundance for you. Anything starting to fade,
wilt, or show signs of lack? Do you have a project underway that seems to be
stalled or running low on energy? Is there an area in your life that is merely
surviving and not completely thriving?


It is possible that if you
chose to ask yourself these questions on a regular basis, you could find a way
to improve something, so that, in a few weeks, you could say with joy, 'Wow,
that was one of the smartest things I ever did for myself!'


Eric Butterworth also once
said: “Nothing stops the man who desires to achieve. Every obstacle is simply a
course to develop his achievement muscle. It’s a strengthening of his powers of

Remember, you can take advantage of the obstacles and Block Rocks that appear in
your life. Use them to strengthen your powers of observation and accomplishment.
Keep those channels open to allow your energies to flow freely. Flex that
achievement muscle! Prosperity and abundance are yours!



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