When you hear someone talking about ‘blogs’, do you automatically assume that they must be talking about something written by adults, for adults? If so, you may think that the idea of kids blogging is strange and unnecessary, but you’d be wrong. Writing a blog can have big benefits for a child and can help assist in many areas of their development.

But what do kids really get out of writing blogs and what could they possibly write about? More importantly, how do you make sure that kids remain safe and happy while writing online? Here’s some tips for those looking to get their kids into blogging for the first time:

Blogging and kids’ skills development: A natural relationship
The most immediate benefit of blogging is that it gives children an excuse to write regularly. At a young age, this is often the best way for kids to learn new words and develop understanding of sentence form. It will also give them the opportunity to write substantial pieces, constructing arguments and gaining understanding of structural elements like paragraphs. What’s more, they’ll be using a keyboard and software to do it, meaning that they’ll be gaining greater confidence and familiarity with computers.

The online aspect of blogging allows kids to connect with other child blog writers, and free kids blogging sites offer the chance to join a writing community. This opportunity for sharing can be great for motivating kids’ to write, as they’ll feel like they’re writing for an audience and will want to produce their best work. Also, knowing that their work is being read by others can be a great boost to their self-esteem and confidence.

But what to write?

Blogs are versatile and can host almost any type of writing. One popular option is for the kids to write stories on their blog, with inspiration coming from events in their life or perhaps solely from their imagination. This is a great way for kids to explore their creative side and the more they write, the better their stories will become. Alternatively, they could use it as a diary or as a way of reporting news stories from their school. These more factual activities require research and planning skills, meaning that the child will be developing themselves academically while also enjoying themselves.

It doesn’t have to be just words though. Blogs can host all forms of content, including images, sound and video. These can be used to complement the writing, allowing your child to develop an integrated approach to media that will serve as fantastic preparation for the future.

Making sure kids are safe while blogging

Some parents and teachers may be uneasy about letting their kids share things online, with good reason. One strategy to meet this safety consideration is to host the child’s blog on a school’s internal network, so that only their friends will be able to see and comment on it. Alternatively, you could use popular blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger. By setting it up so that you moderate all comments and by ensuring that the child puts no personal information on the blog, you can go a long way to guaranteeing their safety online.

E-learning software and educational websites also offer convenient spaces for kids blogging, and are often carefully supervised to make sure the experience is an enjoyable one. Blogging can give great benefits to kids and can play an important role in their early development, so why not introduce your kids to blogging today?

About The Author:

Hannah McCarthy is the Marketing Manager for Education City which provides online teaching resources for schools and fun games for kids. Stig and Sten is a site offering adventure games, puzzles, competitions and activities for home users aged 3-12.

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