Nestled in the
lush green valley of the river Lahn lies the beautiful, historic spa town of Bad
Ems. Home to an abundance of natural thermal springs; it offers the visitor a
unique symbiosis of ancient healing traditions.

Many travelers
visit Europe seeking cultural and historical experiences and places. Because,
even while the EU is a leader in the modern business and political world, it
also maintains its ancient cultural traditions, edifices and arts. Yet many
oversees travelers may be unaware of the long, rich history of Europe's healing
spas. For centuries people have visited these spas for health, rehabilitation
and relaxation. Spa towns grew around natural thermal springs, whose waters were
used internally and externally for a variety of treatments. The various types of
spring water have different healing properties, for example some aid the
digestion, while others offer relief from rheumatism. These days the term Spa is
often applied to places offering beauty and relaxation treatments. By contrast,
the European spa offers extensive medical and rehabilitation treatments under
the guidance of a doctor, as well as providing a relaxing and restorative
setting for recovering from the stresses of modern-day life.

Finding a
balance between the modern and the traditional has been one of the achievements
of the much-loved Spa town of Bad Ems. Its history as a respected spa
destination for enjoying the health-restoring baths, cultural richness and
beautiful surroundings goes back many centuries. In
the 19th century, it was the place where Europe’s royalty, famous statesmen and
artists, took care of their health and experienced renewed strength and

Despite social change and periods of political upheaval in intervening
years, Bad Ems remains a highly esteemed European health and spa destination
today.  The town and its environs offer something for every temperament. In
addition to the spa facilities, concerts in the park, strolls by the river,
visits to ancient castles, or walks through the wooded hills that surround the
town all serve to make it the perfect setting for relaxing and restoring ones

Rejuvenation, Revitalization and Cure are also the guiding principles of the
Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center located in the historic Häckers Kurhotel in the
heart of Bad Ems. Where, in centuries past, czars, kings, and politicians
mingled in the elegant atmosphere, visitors today can enjoy the profound
benefits of the world's most ancient system of natural health care: Ayurveda.
Meaning "Science of Life", Ayurveda aims to restore perfect health, for a long,
happy life that is in tune with one's individual nature. Perfect health is more
than the absence of disease; it is experienced when mind, body and environment
are in complete harmony.

Balance is a
central theme in Ayurveda. Imbalances are a source of weakness in the
physiology, which in turn makes the body susceptible to illness and discomfort.
By detecting and correcting imbalances early, good health can be maintained. On
the other hand, if an individual is already experiencing symptoms of disease,
restoring inner balance activates the body's own healing mechanisms. Thus
Ayurveda is suitable both for prevention and cure.

The Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center
offers something for everyone: for people desiring a relaxing weekend retreat in
an elegant atmosphere, or those seeking deep
purification and rejuvenation,
or individuals requiring holistic treatment of health concerns. The individual
course of treatment is determined after a consultation with an in-house doctor,
and may include synchronized massages with warm herb-infused oils, herbal steam
baths, the deeply relaxing Shirodhara, or a number of other authentic

The authenticity of the treatments is one of the distinguishing
factors of the Health Center in Bad Ems. It specializes exclusively in Maharishi
Ayurveda, which was recognized by the “All India Ayuvedic Congress”, as “making
available the principles and practice of Ayurveda in a complete, systematic and
authentic manner”. The complete program is known as panchakarma, which also
includes an emphasis on diet, routine, knowledge and yoga. The gentle
purification procedures are carefully coordinated to promote the release and
elimination of metabolic wastes and environmental toxins.

Mind and body become
more balanced, which in turn creates the proper basis for increased zest,
vitality, and efficiency. The result is profound and long-lasting regeneration
and improved health.

A stay at the
Health Center can be anywhere from two days to four weeks long, depending on the
guests desires and needs. The fifty-five staff members are dedicated to making
ones stay, regardless how long, as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Several
prestigious awards have honored the Health Center's high quality of service and
care. Meals are provided in the Health Center's own gourmet restaurant, which
prepares all meals fresh according to ayurvedic principles. Yoga classes and
evening lectures by the doctors round out the program. 

What better
way to experience the best that Europe has to offer? A visit to the Maharishi
Ayurveda Health Center in one of Europe's most historic spa towns is the
guarantee for a vacation that is not only unforgettable, but also truly restores
body and soul.

"[It is] difficult to be
brief about this
experience. I really
enjoyed meeting
each person working there.
Very professional
and devoted team. People
who take time to listen to
your needs
and give you the best for
your health.
The Panchakarma treatment?
a wealth and wisdom!"

– Maud Rakotondravohitra

To request
an information packet or to make a reservation

Ayurveda Health Center
Am Robert
Kampe Sprudel
D-56130 Bad

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Kurhotel – home of the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center in Bad Ems
Abhyanga- a
synchronized massage using herbalized oils.