"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose, under heaven: … Ecclesiastics


Each planet represents a family member or connection – the Moon represents Mother, the Sun represents father. The 4th house belongs to your mother or "Queen," the 9th house is your Father or "King.".

The Sun (Raja or Surya), King of the planets and indicator of your Soul (Atman) and your destiny, resides in a Sidereal sign from approximately the 15th of a month to the 15th of the next month, moving about a degree a day, and completing the transit of all 12 signs of the zodiac in one year. The Sun represents the Father and rules the 5th house.


The Moon (Chandra or Soma) Queen of the planets and indicator of the nature of the Mind, the desires of the mind, depicts your mother, you as a mother, and your ability (or not) to nurture moving through a sign in about 2 1/4 days, completing the cycle around the zodiac in a sidereal month.

  • Moon rules over the flow of blood (Mars rules the blood itself).
  • Moon nurtures creation (Venus rules reproduction).
  • Moon has no planetary enemies. Her weekday is Monday ("Moon"day), her color is white, her gemstone is Pearl, her metal is Silver and White Gold. She rules over Mothers and motherhood, homes, real estate and emotional happiness. She is one representative of education. Her house, the 4th indicates the level of educational attainment possible.

When we are born, the first house represents the Self, the first action of a person, is to take a breath, and then to eat – both the domain of the 2nd house, the 3rd house begins our expression and communication which brings us to the 4th house, our first teacher, Mother.

In life our earnings due to our own effort are represented by the 2nd house – in order to obtain the food that sustains us. The fourth is the house of fixed assets. This house tells us about our home, our vehicles, our mother and our relationship with her.

In the natural zodiac which begins with the sign Aries, the natural 4th house belongs to the sign Cancer. The moon is in its own house when it is in the sign of Cancer. It is exalted in the natural second sign, Taurus. (What we eat, where we live.) So you see, the Moon is all about nurturing and comfort.

Everyone has their moon in one of the 12 signs of the zodiac. It will both indicate the nature of your mother, and your own nature. What you desire. How you nurture. Depending upon the influence of other planets, if the Moon is not influenced by other malefic planets the following guide could give you some ideas for Mother's Day gifts.

Mother when your Moon positions in the sign of:

  • Aries will often give a "military" Mom. Maybe Mom is an athlete, a soldier, a doctor or competitive in a big way. She will be interested in sports and outdoor activities like hiking and camping
  • .

  • Taurus will give a Mother interested in gardening, flowers, scents, aromatherapy, music and fine cuisine.
  • Gemini likes to read short things, wants the bottom line rather than details, loves to communicate and has the ability to communicate on diverse topics.
  • Cancer collects things (stamps, stuffed animals, cookbooks, money, and art) likes to cook to entertain, to travel and may sing. She may work in real estate or education.
  • Leo likes to "shine," likes to lead and protect those in her care, she may be in the medical field or work in government, politics or advertising. Usually gifted with a huge heart and works to build and protect the environment.
  • Virgo wants everything orderly and tidy. She likes small petite things, such as handbags. She likes organizing things from committees to refrigerators. She may be an accountant or computer expert, a dancer, mathematician or musician. (Music is mathematics)
  • Libra loves art and Santa Fe colors – soft aqua, rust, sand. She enjoys museums, painting, writing, clothes and shopping. Creating harmony in relationship with others is a strong suit of this mother. She may be a writer or an artist.
  • Scorpio loves a good mystery. She may be a Doctor, a Researcher a Chemist or a Spy. She will love music, cooking and swimming (as long as she can see the bottom and what may lurk there. . .) She loves to read and visit hidden away places.
  • Sagittarius loves the out of doors. She may hike or be an equestrian. She may be a lawyer or a judge and will want to save the environment and bring freedom to the oppressed. She may be a psychologist or work in a field where she counsels others.
  • Capricorn runs her own show. She may have her own business. She will love pottery and creating things made from the earthy materials. She may be in real estate or could be an Ayurvedic doctor, depending upon the nakshatra or constellation of the moon.
  • Aquarius is the sign that marches to the beat of its own drummer. Skydiving, hand gliding and unusual adventures earmark this sign. She is most likely to be a humanitarian and may be a scientist.
  • Pisces is our dreamer and poet. Astrologers, counselor's importers/exporters and musicians can have this moon. Sign of sleep and dreams, a lovely room for sleeping is important for this mother.


Timing Tips from the Timing Coach for May 2006


Generally, the exalted sun in Aries is the best sun for beginning a new business or venture. This year though, (2006) Saturn's current transit position in Cancer which aspects or influences the sign of Aries, slows down a quick or fast start.

Although Saturn aids us by giving stability and endurance, it is a dear enemy of the sun (I say "dear," because Saturn is the son of the sun in Vedic mythology) and therefore debilitates in the Sun's exaltation sign of Aries.

Both planets are significators (karakas) for business and dharma (life purpose). The Sun represents the soul's path (and passions!), while Saturn represents life's struggles and lessons.

An assist will be given by the position of transiting Jupiter in the sign of Libra expanding the nature of this most beneficial exalted Aries Sun placement. Also, when the sun is in its own sign of Leo (August 15 to September 15 2006) receiving an assist from Mars we will have another good transit for beginning certain types of new businesses.

Exaltation and Debilitation are terms used to indicate where a planet is most or least happy residing. We see this both by birth, (your natal chart), or by transit (appearing in the current sky) for a period of time).

  1. Exaltation, you are in the finest hotel; every whim catered to, all you could desire supported. Life is Bliss and its lessons bring delight. You stay there and you never want to leave. Gain comes from these placements.
  2. Debilitation, (always the opposite sign where a planet exalts) you sit on the porch of a dilapidated building and nobody invites you in, let alone gives you anything to enjoy…but you have to stay there, because it is your karma. It is a life lesson placement, what has been elected that you need to learn. Exalted placements can give an easier time depending upon the basic nature of the exalted planet, which is also a life lesson, though another kind.

For example, someone not very courageous may appear with a chart having an exalted sun in Aries, giving them an assist in bravery. Conversely, a person with ego to the max, may enter with a chart having Saturn in Aries or Leo (the second strongest placement sign for the sun, where it is in its own sign or the sign it rules) giving a restricted ego (Saturn is the planet of restriction).

April 15 to May 15 2006 gives us the sun in Aries, the sign that begins the new cycle of the zodiac. Aries, the sign of the Ram is the domicile of the exalted Sun. The symbol of Aries ^ the head of the Ram, also pictorially represents the sprouting of a seed. For the initial sprouting of a plant (or plan) to manifest, the force of a powerful sun is necessary in order to activate new growth. Aries, the Springtime Sun's supremacy sign utilizes the extreme power of the sign Aries^, powerfully ruled by the fiery planet of manifestation, Mars ? (who represents warriors and leaders of armies and industry) in initiating potent new beginnings. Many times wars begin when the sun is in the sign of Aries and Mars is also influencing or under the influence of Saturn. Many leaders of nations have the Sun or Moon in Aries. Mars, associated with the elephant headed Ganesha L the remover of obstacles, proves helpful in assisting activities associated with a times of growth and new beginnings.

When we refer to the "apparent path of the sun," we mean when the movement of the Sun from where we stand on earth, "appears," to be moving from sign to sign each month, from Aries to Pisces in a year. The "actual" Sun in the heavens, moves a sign in an age! (You may have heard of "the dawning of the age of "Aquarius," which current view shows the actual sun retrograding back from its current position in Pisces into Aquarius.) This will occur thousands of years from now, and will take us out of the age of Pisces (service) into a higher age of communication and consciousness – Aquarius – the sign who marches to the beat of a different drummer…

My grandfather used to teach me that great celebration and symbolic preservation, took place as an age changed. The great Sphinx was built with the head of a lion and the body of a beautiful woman to represent the sidereal astronomical/astrological movement of the Sun as it retrograded from Virgo (the sign of the Virgin, represented by a beautiful pure woman), into Leo (the sign of the fiercely powerful Lion) changing ages from intellect to action.

Take advantage of this great time for the power planting of new seeds. This can be the germination of a new garden, a new business, a new baby!

  • Venus the planet of Love will be exalted in Pisces until May 26th
  • Venus while in Pisces cancels the debilitation of Mercury who is also in Pisces until May 2.
  • Sun the planet of business and destiny will be exalted in Aries until May 15.
  • May 9th the benefic planets Venus and Moon will be opposite each other – along with Rahu and Ketu the eclipse creating nodes. Love could be unusual or strange or different in some way.
  • May 11, 12, 13 are very good days for business.
  • May 14 and 15 be very careful of accidents. Mars in Gemini will be in the 8th house of misery from the debilitated moon in Scorpio and the Sun is moving from exalted Aries into Taurus. Fly only if necessary. Watch out for the other driver. If you travel to see your Mother on Mother's day, consider staying a few days more and return on the 22nd.
  • May 17 Mercury will move into Aries into the house of accidents from the Sagittarius moon who is being influenced by Mercury ruled Mars in Gemini.
  • May 22 Moon moves into Pisces with Venus and Rahu. Write poetry and lyrics this day.
  • May 24 many are on the move, Mars leaves Gemini for debilitation in Cancer, and Venus and Moon move into Aries. Do not make major decisions this day.
  • May 31 the Moon will move into Cancer with Mars and Saturn. This will stress emotions, so take deep breaths, pause before you speak. Think Less. Laugh more. Relax.
    Christina Collins Hill,Jyotish Kovid, Jyotish Vachaspati is a 3rd generation astrologer specializing in the Vedic system. She received her honorary titles from the late Dr. B.V. Raman, former President of the ICAS (Indian Council for Astrological Sciences) in New Delhi and Bangalore, India. She is the first and sole American woman to be honored by this highly held title of Jyotish Vachaspati (Jyotish – the light bearer and Vachaspati – the one who speaks the truth and whose predictions come true.) She serves as faculty and on the board of ACVA (American College for Vedic Astrology) and is President of Celestial Resources where she serves corporate and private clients from students to celebrities. You can reach her at
    jyotish@indra.com or by visiting www.vedicastrologer.cc