As you read the stories of successful people, you’ll find out that there is one in common; successful people do not procrastinate. They do things as quickly as they can. They chose to fail quickly so they can pick up the lesson from their failure and move on to the next.

And famous speaker Jim Rohn clearly stated this success habit when he said,

“Do whatever you have to do as quickly as you can, so you can do whatever you WANT to do, for as long as you can.”

You see, successful people do the things TODAY, that other people won’t even bother doing, so that these successful people can do the things TOMORROW that other people CAN’T do.

Successful people understand that either way, they would have to pay the price for success; or they chose to pay quickly rather than later.

So, for you to achieve success, learn from these success masters. You should choose to PAY NOW, rather than PAY LATER.

It’s not a matter of whether or not you’ll pay, but WHEN you’ll pay.

You should choose to do things today that other people won’t do so can do the things tomorrow that other people can’t do.

And you have to condition yourself to give your best in every stage of your journey, not only when your back is against the wall. If you only give your best when your back is against the wall, chances are you’ll always find yourself going from a state of chaos to a temporary state of survival.

You should learn to play your best in all FOUR quarters, not only in the fourth quarter. This way you become a “FOUR Quarter Player”, not just a 4th Quarter Player.

That being said, you must always be “ON”, even when you are “OFF”. You must always be “ACTIVE” even when you feel “INACTIVE”.

Simply said, “YOU must always be IN THE ZONE.”

When I learned about this powerful belief, I started re-focusing my energy into things that would enable me to develop my self further. My nights would be spent reading books, listening to audio CDs.

I quit hanging out with whiners and complainers. I focused more on transforming myself to become the person I’d like to become. I hanged out with people whom I wanted to become. I started listening to people who are more successful than me. This way, I can learn from them lessons that can help me in my transformation.

As I understood it, if you’d like to play in a bigger game, you should constantly look for solutions on how to become a better person and then implement the learning into your daily routine.
And you do this everyday. Even when you don’t feel like doing it. This is the key to developing yourself.

Remember, it’s always the consistent and persistent efforts that pay off. It’s not what you do that counts towards your best success; it’s what you do DAILY!

Always be IN THE ZONE. That is the only way to become successful.

Shine forth and become a rich blessing to others…

To God Be The Glory.