Some of you are born feelers. They tend to feel exactly what the other person is feeling. Even as a child I have experienced that whenever my mom would complain about her headache I would also feel that even I had a headache. Later when I was growing up and would go for picnics from the school and consciously I love going out in nature but every time I was back home with headache, nausea etc and so my dad would refuse me to go next time and I had to really, really convince him that I will be fine and please let me go. Then I was engage and I went with my fiance for a movie name Superman which is a great humor movie but I was back with headache.

Then when I learned all about Intuition and Intuitive Powers I realized that this is a gift, yes you read me right, it is a gift whereas your mission is to help others when you can feel what they are feeling and so I became a healer and I would easily understand my clients feeling and could heal them easily and effortlessly.

Many of your negative feelings – tension, depression, anxiety etc are actually not yours at all, they are other people’s feelings that you are picking up.

These feelings can be picked up from newspapers, news channel or reality around you. If you realize most of us are unhappy and stressed and I feel strongly that media is the main culprit spreading unhappiness and fear unconsciously and we as a co creator is not able to manifest what God wants us to manifest.

God intends for us is to have a Great life, Excellent health, Wonderful relationship and Abundant life physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually but more and more people are suffering physically, mentally and emotionally.

Talking about yesterday, 3rd Oct 2010 Times of India had an article of a woman around age 32 was passing the railway line and a pole fell on her and broke her spine. I don’t read newspaper but my husband saw this article read and showed it to me and I said casually that she must have attracted this in her life due to lack of support n her life as spinal cord refers to support system in your life and I was busy with my daily routine suddenly after my husband had left I started feeling my back hurting me I had a lot of work so I ignored the pain but by evening I just couldn’t move.

I have a damaged back since the last 10 years where as I was asked not to sit down or stand for long hours or carry heavy weights. With my own healing I have healed quiet a lot where I can sit comfortably, I am practicing Yoga, going for walks and my training schedule forces me to stand for 6 – 8 hrs without any pain.

With this shooting pain I was analyzing what I have done in excess and there was no physical reality that could have aggravated the pain so I rested for some time, tried healing myself, applied move but no major result.

Today morning also I woke with a terrible pain so when I was meditating and asking my back to show me the cause of my pain suddenly the lady’s news flashed in front of me and I got connected and I realized that I had absorbed her pain in my body so I healed her unconditionally disconnected my etheric cord (cord which connects you to everyone you get connected and at times it drains your energy) I asked archangel Michael to cut away any cord which are draining me and causing me this back problem and with 15 min I was 70 % healed.

So my friends next time you feel irritated or find your self in sudden pain it could be you have absorbed energy from the surrounding.

How to protect your self from the negative or fearful energy around? Envelop your self in white light for general protection and then encompass your self with pink light which would reflect all the negative energy to the sender or the source with double amount of love. Use the angel word Divine Guard or invoke Archangel Michael who is the angel for protection and ask him to protect your self, your loved ones and also your property.

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Dr. Laila Ahmed is a trainer for Developing Intuitive Powers and changing Life.

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