I believe women live in their own pocket of time. As nurturer’s of the earth, women have a way of transcending their senses. As earth nurturer’s they do not freely follow the road of logics. Instead they float through life’s curves by their hunches. Utilizing the appearance of common sense the female life scientist translates and conceptualizes their world very differently. Mathematical formulas and philosophical analogies don’t apply to their world at hand.

Women live in an emotional dimension. They are powerfully tapped into their hunches. A woman’s intuition is her inner guidance. The skill of reading herself has been an attribute of women for centuries. Emotionally travel-prone women travel their hunches, stopping at every gut feeling they have. Their sensitivity to their common sense and to the environment that surrounds them makes them the ultimate life traveler. A woman’s ability to tap into her higher wisdom gives her the ability to look inward to her understanding of the world that encompasses her.

Therefore, a woman doesn’t play with her hunches and emotions. She trusts them. Interestingly a woman’s intuition is uncannily accurate. A mind oasis of meaning and significance, a woman’s intuition is the magical sensitivity that makes her warmhearted by nature. It is this close form of nature, this harmony with her instincts that provides her with her insightfulness. A constant flow of impression a woman’s intuition can enrich our understanding of the earth’s spirit.

The following are the seven ways I believe a woman should tap into her intuition-

  1. Plunge into your feelings. Believe in them. When you feel a certain way stop and give thought to how you are feeling.

  2. Express your inner feelings to others. Your hunches should not be kept a secret.

  3. Freedom of self-expression is essential. Explore laughter, explore tears, be emotional. Keeping feelings inside inhibits emotional experience.

  4. Know that you are a mystery. Accept that you can’t figure yourself out!

  5. Your emotions are the breadcrumbs to your essence. Follow them diligently and they will lead you to who you are…someday. (Please visit WishUponLife.com for further explanation of our centuries of breathing.)

  6. Never second-guess yourself. Each day you must climb the ladder of inner wisdom. At first the steps may seem rickety, but as your belief in yourself firms up, you will soon be able to climb the ladder of inner wisdom without grabbing on to the guardrail of life.

  7. Listen to your hunches in the workplace place as well as in your personal life. Work values can be enhanced by gut feelings. The best business ideas have been known to come from a hunch.

  8. Never discredit yourself. A deep understanding of your feelings is essential You cannot tap into your hunches if you veer off the road of self-respect. Become acquainted with the learner in you. Remember the learner in you is the scholar. It is the learner within us that gives us character and helps us reach for impossible obstacles.

The cornerstones of life are problematic. But with the good fortune of a woman’s intuition on Mother Earth, these inner signals can improve our is, is the rest of the world really ready to tap into the wisdom before us?

About the Author:

Dana Dorfman is the author of The Pink Forest: A Woman’s Intimate Confessions. Writing out of the margins Dorfman lifts the veil of our minds and gives a new meaning to the word fiction. Guiding us on how to wish upon life she shows us we are magical creatures in the vibrant story of just being human. When not writing, Dorfman enjoys spending her time with her animals, who quietly humor her. Visit www.danadorfman.com to read more of her work and learn how to make your wishes come true.