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What is
a Transformation Box?


You know
how it is: so many people seem to 'get stuck' in a holding pattern of fear or
negative thinking. What we do is help people change that pattern into something
different, something better.


It's a
simple tool that you can use anywhere, anytime, to help you transform those
inevitable negative moments you will face into something much more positive and
much more beneficial!


Change is
our constant companion. It is in every aspect of our lives: the food we eat, the
clothes we wear, even the thoughts we think. Everything changes. And if a change
is something we look forward to, it is an occasion for joy. But all too often,
there are times when change is unexpected – or unwanted – and that can be scary
or stressful or both.


The simple
process we are giving you today is a marvelous way to expand love and light and
positive energies in your life. It is a tool you can use to transform any fear,
any sadness or any frustration into an emotion that is calm, happy and healthy
for you. It is a way of making change work for you.


We call it
a 'Transformation Box.'


My father
first learned this process over fifty years ago while studying under Dr. Norman
Vincent Peale. These 'Transformation Boxes' have been a benefit and a blessing
to Dr. Peale and many others over the years. This is a 'tried and true' way to
bring more peace, comfort and joy into your life.


It is all
about having a 'special box' for a special purpose. While Dr. Peale originally
developed this process for helping people to get through times of great sadness,
a 'Transformation Box' can be adapted to almost any situation. It can be used to
alleviate sadness, diffuse anger or calm fears. And it's not only for working
with negative emotions or experiences. Many people have also used their
Transformation Box to increase joy and bring more peace and happiness into their


Before we
take a look at how it works, we want to show you why it works. Often
knowing why makes the how all that more easy.


Transformation Box takes advantage of the natural Law of Attraction. Ancient
Hinduism, Buddhism and even Christianity have some of the oldest recorded
teachings on this concept. And, more recently, the popular movie 'The Secret'
(based on a book of the same name) brings this fundamental principle into our
modern lives.


Transformation Box is based on the principles of intention, manifestation and
abundance. It is as simple as: What we think about, we bring about, what we
focus on expands.


Now we get
to how it works.


Your first
step is to find a small box. You can choose any size, shape or color you want.
Be as creative as you like. You can buy it, find it or make it. Many people like
to have something small enough to hold in their hands. Others like to have
compartments within the box. Some people like to have a lid that they can open
and close. One woman chose a little music box with a tiny dancing ballerina that
twirls when it is opened.


important thing is to have something you enjoy that is peaceful, inspirational
or meaningful to you. This personal sense of connection is very important – in
fact, it is key – while you are using your Transformation Box.


The next
step is to take your thoughts, either positive or negative, and surround them
with love and positive energy. Whatever the feeling is, you wrap it in love and
positive energy, like you might wrap a present.


Then, you
put the whole thing in your Transformation Box with the intention that any
negative emotions will melt away and positive ones will expand. As you 'put'
your thoughts in the box, the love and positive energy will transform and expand
to fill the room, as well as your heart and soul, with even more love and peace.


If you
have a fearful or negative feeling, you can put that worry or concern in your
Transformation Box. In accordance with your thoughts, focus, and intentions, the
negatives will transform into love – and then: that LOVE will expand!


people like to write their thoughts or feelings on a piece of paper and
physically place them in the box. There is something about the very act of
writing that can intensify and personalize the experience for you.


But a
Transformation Box also works perfectly with spirit and with thoughts. You can
use a visual or spiritual connection to fill your box! This option is perfect
for those times when you are geographically separated from your Transformation
Box or in a situation, such as driving a car or in a meeting, when writing
something down is not practical.


visualization technique is also perfect for those times when you are near
someone who is maybe older or maybe somebody with a physical handicap or with
less physical mobility, such as in a hospital or nursing home. You do the
process of visualizing the negative into the positive and then direct those
emotions – and your positive intentions – into your Transformation Box with your
spirit or a wave your hand!


way to take even greater advantage of this process is to share it with a friend.
Napoleon Hill introduced the concept of MasterMind in his book Think and Grow
. He taught 'When two or more people come together in a spirit of
harmony and trust to work together towards a common purpose or goal, their
combined energies are many, many times greater than the simple sum of their
respective individual energies.'


When you
choose someone close to you and, together, take advantage of that marvelous
power of the MasterMind using your combined energies with your Transformation
Box, even more wonderful things will come to pass in your life!


There are
as many different ways to benefit from these Transformation Boxes as there are
people. You can practice putting notes into the box while you are talking or
reading or praying. You can do this at home, in your office or while you are out
at play.


We suggest
you simply begin. Choose a box, choose a thought, choose the positive energies
you would like more of and begin. As the love expands, the fears will recede.
Many, many people have this found to be true over and over and over again. This
marvelous Transformation Box will bring great comfort, peace and joy to you. Try
it – we know you'll like it!



question for you:


Since my
life was transformed magically at about age five, I have been interested in what
today I call “transformation.” I’d love to hear from you. Would you be willing
to share with me, and maybe some of our readers later, a transformation that has
happened to you? We’d be interested in BOTH the story of what happened and the
transformation you feel brought it about. Please go to the link below and let us
hear from you, ok? Thanks!



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