Do you greet people when you’re walking down the street? How about the lady at the checkout counter at the grocery store? What about the cab driver? If you’re like most of us, you probably don’t pay much attention to people you don’t know.

There are so many people in this world, odds are you’ll never see most of those you pass again. However, a simple, pleasant greeting can brighten the day for both of you. Pause and remember how nice it felt the last time someone unexpectedly smiled and said a kind word to you. Kindness is something that is easy to share and the benefits can spread like ripples on a pond.

Author Joe Kita has this challenge for you: smile and greet everyone you meet for one month. This might take a little getting used to, and you’ll probably miss a greeting occasionally, but Kita says you’ll discover several benefits when you try this exercise. Perhaps most important is the value of acknowledging the worth of those you meet.

Be Friendly.

One of the things that may surprise you is how rare true friendliness is in this busy day and age. It seems that people aren’t used to others being nice for no apparent reason. Especially as we get older and busier, being friendly tends to take a back seat. You can reverse that trend beginning today. Smile and say hello to the next person you meet.

Be Nice.

For a variety of reasons, if you are kind for no apparent reason, people sometimes react with distrust or suspicion and try to figure out what you want. Isn’t that sad? The good news is that you can begin changing that simply by being nice to everyone you meet. They’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that all you wanted was to be nice!

As an illustration, one church group went door to door handing out batteries and smoke detectors as part of a community project. Many people turned down the free items because they didn’t believe they were actually free. People assumed the church members wanted to talk them into religion or that they were selling something. But the intention was simply to be nice and be of service to the community.

A Random Act of Kindness.

Maybe if more people did things like this in the world, it’s possible we could start a chain reaction of kindness. Why not make a decision to do one kind deed for someone this week? It doesn’t have to be anything big, expensive or dramatic. You can start with something as simple as handing someone a flower, leaving an extra tip at a restaurant, making a donation to a local charity or giving someone a $1 golden coin.

Share Gratitude.

A word of gratitude is a great way to share kindness with others. Life coach Tony Robbins says: “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” Give gratitude: “Thanks for holding the door.” It will brighten the day for both of you.

Give Praise.

Sincere praise is one of the kindest things you can do for someone. From small children to senior citizens, we all thrive on acknowledgment and praise. It increases our self esteem and fuels our desire to do even better. Sometimes a kind word of praise is all the encouragement a person needs to keep going that day. Look for somebody doing something right today and tell them they did a good job.

Listen to Your Intuition.

Have you ever known something without knowing why you know it? Author Beth Moore tells a story of a time when she was sitting in an airport and she noticed an old man with very messy hair. Before she knew it, she felt she needed to go over and brush the man’s hair.

When she finally got up the courage to talk to the man, she learned he was headed to see his wife. He had actually been worried about how messy his hair was since due to illness, he hadn’t seen her in a long time. Because Moore listened to her inner knowing, she was able to be kind to this elderly gentleman and give him exactly what he needed.

Increase Productivity.

Did you know that person-to-person interaction actually boosts productivity? Joe Kita cites a study done in a middle school in which students were actually 27 percent more productive when they had time to greet each other and the teacher before school. Analysts say the boost in productivity is because the person-to-person interaction made school more personal, and that made students’ ties to their school work a little tighter.

Stay Safe.

Greeting others also increases your awareness of your surroundings. Many crimes are committed against people who don’t pay attention. You will be more focused when you concentrate on greeting people. And you’ll build new connections in the neighborhood. This practice may help keep you safer.

Try it – You’ll Like it!

So why not choose to smile and greet everyone you meet? Making connections with people will give you incredible rewards. You will make new friends, strengthen existing relationships, increase positive energy and bring more joy and laughter into your world.

Plus, you’ll get to hear some of the most amazing stories from people you may not have noticed before. And you can rest assured that you’ve brightened someone’s day.

Wouldn’t it be fun to start a chain reaction of kindness? The people you meet could begin greeting other people, and those people could go on to be kind to others. Pretty soon a wave of kindness may even start to spread through your city. Kindness can make our world an even better place!

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