When dealing with difficult situations in life… do you tend to push yourself until you figure things out? Or do you let the Universe handle the situation? I ask this because finding a balance between taking action and knowing when to surrender to the Universe, can be quite challenging. What people often miss is that there needs to be a balance between taking action and listening to the Universe. In this video, you’ll discover the 9 important signs from the Universe that will tell you when to take action and when to just surrender.

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What are your best tips to take inspired action towards your goals? Share with the community in the comment box below! And for more Law of Attraction videos, check out my playlist here!

Hi! I’m Natalie Ledwell, personal development teacher, bestselling author and co-founder of Mind Movies. Here, you’ll find powerful Law of Attraction tools, visualization techniques, guided meditations, and the best self-improvement tips to help you manifest your best life.

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