Automatic writing can be a very cathartic, healing process. The first couple of times I engaged in automatic writing I had the mistaken belief that channeling would occur through my hand. I thought I had to be super relaxed, not move my hand at all, and just let the writing take place Needless to say I the end result was a bunch of incoherent scribbles. For some, you may do automatic writing the above way and get fantastic results. Not so much for me! Earlier this year I finally mastered the concept of what automatic writing is for me. The timing must have been exactly right because it was easy as pie. I sat down on my couch with a pen and journal in hand and I just began writing. I wrote and wrote and wrote some more. After the first time I then began posing questions and using the time to answer those questions. The writings are amazingly insightful and not anything that I could have written without help. You know how some mediums offer an Ask a Question service where you can e-mail them a question and get a detailed response? That’s how I began viewing my automatic writing. I would pose a question I wanted answered (and for free!) I would get a response!

Here are some steps to get you started on your way…..

1. Determine if you are going to write using pen and paper or if you are going to type on a computer. I encourage you to try it both ways. Some would never consider anything other than pen and paper while others benefit from typing.

2. Find a quiet and comfortable place that will be free of distractions. Don’t forget to shut your cell phone off.

3. Calm yourself down and enter a relaxed state. You may wish to meditate for a few minutes prior to beginning.

4. Ask for your spirit guides, loving entities, and deceased loved ones to help you with the process.

5. I find it easiest to pose a question. You may at this point write down a question you have, for example: is moving into a new house the right decision for me?

6. Take a deep breath and sit there.

7. Begin writing/typing when something comes to you. It may start off slow. You may get only the first few words of the sentence. That’s fine. It’s kind of like a snowball rolling down the hill. Once you get started it will come easier and faster.

Be as open to the experience as possible. Try not to have expectations. Just let the process be what it is. Try not to think about what you are writing or the words that are coming to you. When engaged in automatic writing be the conduit that gets the words to paper. Once you are done writing then you can read and re-read each sentence and analyze, judge, and critique. Don’t do that while engaged in automatic writing! As difficult as it sounds try not to question or judge while writing. Don’t get obsessed over whether you are automatic writing or just making stuff up. Just let it be.

Automatic writing has turned out to be a wonderful outlet for me. I hope it can be the same for you. In some ways it has turned my journal 3D. Instead of just my ramblings I now have the input of the entire Universe!

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